Used Jigsaw Puzzles

Where can you buy used jigsaw puzzles for very low prices?

Here are some ideas that won't break your budget and some even lower than a price of coffee.

Be aware and expect there could be missing pieces when buying used jigsaw puzzles.


Search Online

  1. eBay - search used jigsaw puzzles
  2. Amazon - search used jigsaw puzzles
  3. Facebook Groups or Pages  
  4. Facebook Personal Pages
  5. Facebook Swap Exchanges Pages
  6. Online "Craigs List" 
  7. Online "kijiji"

Shop Brick/Mortar Stores

  1. Local Thrift Stores
  2. Local Charity stores
  3. Local Garage Sales
  4. Local Carboot Sales
  5. Local newspaper classified ADs
  6. Local AD websites "Craigs List" "Kijiji"
  7. Family, Friends, neighborhood swap
  8. Antique Market/stores

10 Tips on buying used jigsaw puzzles...

  • Online Stores like eBay and Amazon - be sure to shop around. Some prices are outrageous. Also if it is a "Bid" puzzle purchase then wait till right near the end to place your 'bid' then you know for sure IF you want to pay that price.
  • When buying online, be mindful where you live. What is the shipping costs? Is there import fees at borders? Does your credit card charge extra fees for converting foreign exchange currency?
  •  For Amazon, know the difference between a company that sells through Amazon or a private individual who is selling their used puzzles - they do not qualify for Amazon free shipping and may take much longer to deliver and requires additional fees
  • Learn how the refund policies and disputes works for major online stores. Timing policies for a refund are tricky.
  • For private sellers on Facebook or Swap Facebook 'Pages' - be sure to discuss a refund with the Seller before purchasing in case the parcel gets lost or stolen or delivered to the wrong address (it happens!) 
  • Local Thrift Stores and Charity shops often have 50% off sales - ask about it. Or if you are Senior, check to see if the Shops offer a senior discount and on which day.
  • For local ADs like Craigs List or kijiji also check local online newspapers in the Classified ADs section
  • Check local Antique Market and/or Stores
  • Don't forget your own family members or friends who may have some puzzle tucked away they received for gifts and will never do them
  • Also, finding a neighborhood garage sale could turn into a neighborhood 'swap puzzles pal'

SAMPLES of previously loved purchase below.


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Samples of used jigsaw puzzles

The following shares some excellent deals of from Thrift Stores. The Heye 2000 pieces Elephants is still sealed. Click on the 'gold' text to see the price on Amazon.

If I purchased these NEW on Amazon they would be well over $150.00 plus currency exchange, plus shipping. I paid $10.50 minus 10% Senior discount....sometimes it's just worth it to purchase previously-loved, used jigsaw puzzles. However the jigsaw puzzle companies may not think so ;) ....

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