Canned Veggies Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: Canned Veggies jigsaw puzzle

Brand: Springbok

Pieces: 500 pieces

Size: 18″x 23.5 (45.7 x 59.6cm)

Quality Review

  • Overall Experience:  Great
  • Cut Quality:  Great 
  • Board Quality: Great
  • Shape Cut: random
  • Image Quality: Great
  • Hardest Area: dark beets
  • Puzzle Dust? no
  • Finish Quality: Smooth, shiny
  • Box Quality: Good
  • Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no
  • Was this purchased new? no
  • Price:  N/A - Thrift Store
  • Recommend Level: High
  • Time: 5 hours


Canned Veggies jigsaw puzzle by Springbok is a 500 piece that measures 18″ x 23.5 (45.7 x 59.6cm). And also what I consider to be a perfect quick fix puzzle.Here is another delightful experience (especially after my latests ones) that I thoroughly enjoyed working in between the 2 daunting puzzle I have/had in progress. I rarely have only one puzzle going at a time.

There is nothing negative to say about this puzzle. It is a thrift store purchase at a very low price. It has random cuts, the cut is great, the quality is great, the color is great and overall completely done with no missing pieces.

I really enjoyed this puzzle and wished that I really did like some of that delicious looking canned vegetables…..however I am not into that pickle stuff. My Hubby really likes it though…..  

The above photos speak quite clearly for themselves….I know I have seen this one out there in the Groups and I also know it is a little ‘out of season’ but I could not resist it any longer….it’s a puzzler thing……Happy puzzlin'......

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