Wildlife Circular Jigsaw Puzzle


This is a 37 year old Woodland wildlife circular jigsaw puzzle (at the time of this writing). I bought it for 50 cents and lucky for me it was complete. Being only 500 pieces it was a real quick fix too. But look at the fine details among each cluster of the 'almost' collage like images. Then the Artist managed to intertwine the images into a circle format. Very creative and lovely for such an aged puzzle.

Title: Woodland Wildlife Circular Jigsaw Puzzle 1981 

Brand: Waddingtons, Bramelea, ON Canada 

Size: 20 inches in diameter OR 50cm 

Pieces: 500

  • The quality is of medium board
  • Some of the pieces would just 'butt' up against the others
  • The colourful areas were easiest to complete of course 
  • I like the idea of being able to rotate the image to assemble the 4-side areas 
  • The pieces were of odd shapes but not too drastic like some I have seen 
  • The image looks much better than the box but it is still a tad on the dull side
  • The back of the box shows why they chose to do the 4-side areas with the 'vintage' looking family image.....oh the days of yore....heehee.... 

I'll give it a green check mark of approval because of it's age, being complete and being a circular.

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