Cruisin' Classics Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Great American Puzzle Factory

Title: Cruisin' Classics

Artist: Lewis T. Johnson

Pieces: 500+

Size: 36"x 11.25" or 92 x 28.5cm

Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality:    Great

Board Quality: Good, tad loose

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Good

Hardest Area: Middle cars

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth, shiney

Box Quality: Good and solid

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? no

Price: $1.00

Recommend Level: Medium-high

Time: 5 hours


Board ALERT! The length of this one is 36" being 3 feet so prepare the puzzle workspace accordingly.

I sorted the colors as best I could into piles and even attempted to sort out edge pieces.

First I attempted to put the border pieces into place not really expecting to complete it. It's rather rare that border pieces on a shaped puzzles are easily determined.

Since this was only 500+ pieces I simply laid out all the pieces out around the bigger workspace board as the width is less than a foot (12").

The above image shows how much of the border was sorted on the first attempt. The following 2 images share the work-in-progress (wip). It did take a good portion of time to get the border completed. I started with the white roof-top and 2 tires. The front hood and back trunk were next.

Picking out the text for the Diner-stores-buildings and the people in the diner went fairly quickly. The bigger, main color cars were next. The most meshy area was the cars at the inner parking lot and was the most time consuming as you can seen in the 2nd image below where all the white holes are unfinished.

The 4 closeup images easily show the 'meshy' area completed which is much clearer than on the box.


On the back of Cruisin' Classics jigsaw puzzle is the image with the vintage cars numbered and then a list with the title of each car. It too gives a much clear image of the cars than the front of the box. The close up images on the front of the box did not really help me.

But the overall experience was fun for the price paid. The quality of the board was good but the cut was loose which meant moving completed sections one piece at a time. I really do like the old vintage cars so I was thrilled to see that this one had all the pieces since it was a previously loved puzzle.

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