Gearheads Chevy Gold Jigsaw Puzzle


Gearheads Chevy Gold Jigsaw Puzzle is THE most challenging vintage vehicle puzzle image I have assembled. I have also completed the Red Chev and  Classic Car

Brand: Gearheads Puzzle Shop

Title: Chevy Gold

By: Laura Hatcher

Pieces: 1000

Size: 26.625" x 19.25"

Review of the Gearheads Chevy Gold Jigsaw Puzzle

Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality:  A tad loose

Board Quality: firm

Shape Cut: Random and various sizes

Image Quality: ok

Hardest Area: The black color

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth shiney

Box Quality: Good and solid

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Sent for review

Recommend Level: Challenging

Time: 22 hours

Assembly of the Gearheads Chevy Gold Jigsaw Puzzle

I did my usual sorting routine.

  1. Sorting to locate all  the outside border pieces, while....
  2. Placing the pieces into the 'general-color' piles. 
  3. Then I carried on with a second round of sorting (similar colors sorted by shades/patterns) while placing the pieces flat out on the poster boards. 

The border was tricky on this Gearheads Chevy Gold Puzzle but I think the random shapes helped with that. There is also enough colour difference according to the image to define the sides.

Also, I located the image on the side of the box that shows the entire image especially the right side under the puzzle pieces. 

I took a photo of it and uploaded it to my computer - that way I could enlarge the image to see the colour similarities - that was very helpful as you can see there is minimal colour and lots of dark shades.

So using my sorting methods, I was able to pick out the light white/greys and gold/yellow/oranges. These colors were going to be significant pieces to the layout of the image. 

The overall image has several dark color blends so starting with the lighter ones was my first strategy. The letters on the horn, around the horn and the numbers on the speedometer were assembled first. 

The radio and vent-grid were next. Then the outlines of the steering wheel lines were forming. Eventually the wheel was close to being completed and the colors were getting down to dark shades and I was using the shape of the pieces to proceed.

Finally, there were over 100 pieces that were totally black shades. 

The progress images share the assembly process of the Gearheads Chevy Gold Puzzle so the photo starts to appear.

The Photographer Laura Hatcher has amazing galleries and not only about vintage vehicles. She is clearly very talented.

Comments on the Gearheads Chevy Gold Jigsaw Puzzle

I will admit this was one of my very top jigsaw puzzles I have found to be challenging due to the colors shades and took longer to assemble than my usual pace. The image is terrific and Puzzlers who enjoy a challenge will certainly enjoy this one.

There was a good experience with this one because there were MANY times when I was surprised "that piece fits there! YES". 

Gearheads is a new jigsaw puzzle company entering into the production of vintage vehicle photos. Also, they have a Facebook page to contact them or leave comments. Gearheads Puzzles, LLC

Now this jigsaw puzzle would be best viewed and appreciated on a Chevy Sales Room wall.

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