Gee Bee Over New England Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company
  • Title: Gee Bee Over New England
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Size: 26.625 x 19.25 inches or 67.6 x 48.9cm
  • Shapes: Random cut 
  • Artist: Mike Bennett

Not often do we see Airplane images in our jigsaw puzzle hobby collection so when I saw the  Cobble Hill Puzzle Company one titled Gee Bee Over New England I jumped on board (pardon the pun)! This is a 1000 piece and the size is 26.625 x 19.25 inches or 67.6 x 48.9cm.

The Artist, Mike Bennett, captured a brilliant air view of the farm fields below to give this image the right mix for the makings of a jigsaw puzzle. The season colors are vivid and make for some trickery with just a bit of a challenge.

I thought maybe the reds between the airplane and trees would be difficult to sort but it turned out the browns were. When I did get the initial sort done and the pieces laid out, they kinda looked like Christmas to me…..

The first area I approached was the airplane itself and it went pretty quick. From there I completed all the buildings, water and dirt roads. That left the fields, trees and the autumn blends of coloured red-gold trees and shrubbery. In the end, that was the most trickiest, which really was not too bad and the approximate puzzle time was about 12 hours.

The overall experience with this one was delightful. The quality of the puzzle pieces is a great standard and the pieces are randomly cut, some being quite small. The image is clear enough to identify objects and the colors are vivid.

For the Puzzler who is attracted to the Airplane images, this Cobble Hill would be a keeper in the jigsaw puzzle hobby collection for sure!!!!

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