Gee Bee Over New England Jigsaw Puzzle

Not often do we see Airplane images in our jigsaw puzzle hobby collection so when I saw the  Cobble Hill Puzzle Company one titled Gee Bee Over New England I jumped on board (pardon the pun)! This is a 1000 piece and the size is 26.625 x 19.25 inches or 67.6 x 48.9cm.

The Artist, Mike Bennett, captured a brilliant air view of the farm fields below to give this image the right mix for the makings of a jigsaw puzzle. The season colors are vivid and make for some trickery with just a bit of a challenge. Gee Bee Over New England Amazon link

  • Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company
  • Title: Gee Bee Over New England
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Size: 26.625 x 19.25 inches or 67.6 x 48.9cm
  • Shapes: Random cut 
  • Artist: Mike Bennett

I thought maybe the reds between the airplane and trees would be difficult to sort but it turned out the browns were. When I did get the initial sort done and the pieces laid out, they kinda looked like Christmas to me…..


The first area I approached was the airplane itself and it went pretty quick. From there I completed all the buildings, water and dirt roads. That left the fields, trees and the autumn blends of coloured red-gold trees and shrubbery. In the end, that was the most trickiest, which really was not too bad and the approximate puzzle time was about 12 hours.


The overall experience with this one was delightful. The quality of the puzzle pieces is a great standard and the pieces are randomly cut, some being quite small. The image is clear enough to identify objects and the colors are vivid.


For the Puzzler who is attracted to the Airplane images, this Cobble Hill would be a keeper in the jigsaw puzzle hobby collection for sure!!!!


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About Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzles

Cobble Hill is a Canadian company that specializes in producing high-quality jigsaw puzzles for adults. The company has gained a reputation for producing visually appealing and challenging puzzles that are made from durable and eco-friendly materials.

One of the standout features of Cobble Hill puzzles is their unique designs. The company collaborates with artists from around the world to create puzzles that are not only challenging but also visually stunning. They have puzzles featuring iconic artworks such as Gustav "Klimt" puzzle and festive designs like  "The Village Tree". They also offer themed puzzles such as animals, landscapes, and nostalgia.

Cobble Hill puzzles are made from high-quality, recycled materials that are durable and environmentally friendly. The puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, making them easy to handle and assemble. Additionally, the pieces fit together smoothly and accurately, ensuring that the finished puzzle looks seamless and well-crafted.

Another notable feature of Cobble Hill puzzles is their commitment to sustainability. The company uses recycled and biodegradable materials in their puzzle production, and they also use vegetable-based inks in their printing process. Additionally, they donate puzzles to nursing homes and Alzheimer's facilities to help individuals with cognitive challenges.

In terms of pricing, Cobble Hill puzzles are generally affordable, with prices ranging from $15 to $25 for most designs. While they may be slightly more expensive than some other brands, the high-quality materials and unique designs justify the cost.

Cobble Hill also has a strong social media presence and engages with its audience through various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They regularly post images of new puzzles, behind-the-scenes glimpses of their puzzle-making process, and share puzzles completed by their followers. Their social media strategy has helped them to build a loyal following of puzzle enthusiasts and has helped them to stay relevant in a competitive market.

One area where Cobble Hill could improve is their range of puzzle sizes. While they offer a decent range of sizes, they do not currently offer puzzles with more than 2000 pieces, which may be a drawback for experienced puzzlers looking for a greater challenge.

In conclusion, Cobble Hill is a brand of jigsaw puzzles that offers high-quality, visually stunning, and eco-friendly puzzles that are enjoyed by puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels. Their unique designs, commitment to sustainability, and engagement on social media have helped them to stand out in a crowded market and build a loyal following. While they could expand their range of puzzle sizes, overall, Cobble Hill puzzles are a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and challenging puzzle-solving experience.

(ChatGPT, personal communication, June 20, 2023) 

About Jigsaw Puzzles: Unveiling the Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

A Therapeutic Journey

Jigsaw puzzles have long captivated individuals of all ages, offering not only a fun pastime but also a myriad of benefits for mental well-being. From enhancing cognitive skills to promoting relaxation, the act of piecing together puzzles goes beyond entertainment. In this article, we explore the remarkable benefits of engaging in jigsaw puzzles, shedding light on the positive effects they have on our minds and bodies.

  1. Cognitive Stimulation: Jigsaw puzzles serve as a workout for the brain, stimulating cognitive functions such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning. As we examine puzzle pieces, analyze patterns, and make connections, our brains become engaged in a captivating mental exercise.
  2. Improved Memory: Engaging in jigsaw puzzles helps enhance short-term memory and reinforce long-term memory. Remembering shapes, colors, and patterns, and recalling their positions throughout the puzzle aids in memory retention and retrieval.
  3. Focus and Concentration: Solving jigsaw puzzles requires sustained focus and concentration. By immersing ourselves in the task at hand, we train our minds to block out distractions, strengthen our attention span, and improve our ability to stay focused on a specific goal.
  4. Stress Relief: Puzzling acts as a therapeutic escape from the stresses of everyday life. As we immerse ourselves in the puzzle-solving process, our minds become engrossed, creating a sense of mindfulness and providing a temporary respite from worries and anxieties.
  5. Boost in Dopamine Levels: Completing a puzzle triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. This surge in dopamine creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, reinforcing the positive feelings associated with puzzle solving.
  6. Enhanced Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating puzzle pieces and fitting them together requires precise hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Regularly engaging in puzzles can help improve dexterity, agility, and the coordination between our hands and eyes.
  7. Social Interaction: Puzzling can be a social activity that fosters connection and collaboration. Solving puzzles with family or friends encourages communication, teamwork, and shared accomplishment, enhancing social bonds and creating lasting memories.
  8. Patience and Perseverance: Completing a complex puzzle requires patience and perseverance. As we encounter challenges and setbacks, we learn to persist, develop problem-solving strategies, and build resilience—a valuable skillset that extends beyond puzzle-solving.
  9. Mental Relaxation and Mindfulness: The meditative nature of jigsaw puzzles can induce a state of relaxation, promoting mindfulness and reducing stress levels. The repetitive and calming motions of sorting and connecting pieces can have a soothing effect on the mind, allowing for a tranquil escape from daily pressures.
  10. Sense of Achievement: The satisfaction of placing that final puzzle piece and witnessing the complete image provides a profound sense of achievement. This sense of accomplishment boosts self-esteem, instills a sense of pride, and fosters a positive mindset.

By embracing the benefits of jigsaw puzzles, we unlock not only an enjoyable hobby but also a path to mental well-being. Whether you're seeking cognitive stimulation, stress relief, or a moment of mindfulness, engaging in puzzles can enrich your life and provide a therapeutic journey that transcends the puzzle board. So gather your puzzles, sharpen your focus, and embark on this fulfilling adventure of piecing together fragments to create something beautiful and whole.

(ChatGPT, personal communication, June 20, 2023)