Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle


    So I have completed the Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle that I received as a birthday gift. This is a jigsaw puzzle that was on my wish list for my collection. Now it pleases me to present it all completed. Here's some details that I noted.

  • Very sturdy box (I like that - it protect the pieces)
  • The pieces are quality board made with Earth Friendly recycled product
  • The surface on the pieces is dull flat for colouring 
  • The pattern is consistent with no really odd shaped cuts but still slightly unique
  • It was a medium-hard challenge and referred to as Adult colouring
  • ALERT! - be warned about the type of markers being used (read below)

     Brand: Karmin jigsaw puzzles

     Title: Mandalas jigsaw puzzle

     Extra: Mandala - Assemble then colour

     Pieces: 500    

     Size: 16x20" or 40x5.51cm

Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly

The reason I classified it to be medium-hard is because I found it to be tricky on the eyes. I was grateful it was 500 pieces and happy when it was completed. I wouldn't even attempt anything more than 500 pieces.

You can see the following assembling process which took about 20 hours - that is more than usual for that amount of pieces.

Note: Below shows the black and white image then the suggestive colours on the side panel of the box. 

Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle Colour Test 

NOW for the extra that comes with this puzzle! This is really what intrigued me the most about this puzzle ~ I get to colour it in! Luckily I asked for advice and tips from the Jigsaw Puzzle Groups and thankfully I was advised to purchase these Artist's Markers which was vital to colouring in between the cuts of the puzzle pieces.  They were a little pricey BUT were the success of my creation. Artist Loft Markers

  • These quality twin-tipped (fine/medium), water-based, lightfast, pigmented ink markers are used by students, crafters, artists, and illustrators. Perfect for use on paper, plastic, ceramic, wood, glass, textiles, and more.
  • Metallics are acid free and perfect for adding sparkle and shine to your projects.
  • The Neon Markers are permanent, brilliant and vibrant fluorescent colours.
  • The Aqua Marker is a portable and convenient alternative to watercolour paint. 
  • Colours are naturally produced, rich, intense, and acid-free.

Before I decided to use markers I did a little testing for colouring. 

  • Crayons - I did not like the feel of using crayons. It would have required pressing hard in order to maintain a solid colour look. To me it appeared waxy
  • Pencil crayons - getting a good solid colour onto the board was going to require pressing very hard again. The board-pieces are soft and so pencil crayons did not leave a smooth surface
  • Paints - water colour paints will run the colours into each other
  • Oil paints - I did not try so no comments 
  • Cheap markers - if the markers are more watery the colours tend to run a bit or the dry paper surface WILL peel if you press too hard or often to get a solid colour
  • The Artist Loft Markers are water based and will peel the top paper layer if over-used. 

Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle Color Choice

Next.....what colour to make these Mandalas - well according to Wikipedia (Mandala (Sanskrit: circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.[1] In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.)

Well after 2 days of wrestling with this thought I finally came up with my answer ~ Now my Mandalas has more meaning. It represents 'to me' the 7 colours of the 7 main Chakras. I decided to use the 7 colours of the Chakras (only except for the gold background).

According to Wikipedia -  Recent Western traditions associate colors and physiomotional functions for each of the seven main chakras as shown below in their colour image.

Now....presenting my Mandalas - 7 Chakra coloured jigsaw puzzle - I am quite happy with it. I have used only one of the 7 Chakra colours in each solid colour Mandala and then one on each side which uses all 7 Chakra colours.

I am quite the 'universal-earthy' person who also uses meditation and/or Yoga as a tool of relaxation and the 7 Chakras fit nicely into my persona.

This was such a fun experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the colouring and choosing the colors so putting this project together was a real treat for me.....fantastic jigsaw puzzle eye-candy birthday present!

I highly recommend trying the 'Color It'  Mandalas jigsaw puzzle. The Karmin International brand is lower end product - or it could be the recycled paper products used to manufacture it. I have also assembled the Garden Friends and Girl's Best Friend by Karmin as well.

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