Night Cat Platinum Puzzle

Brand: Platinum Puzzles
Title: Night Cat
By: Diane (Dee) Rogers
Artist: Oxana Zaika
Size: 10.5” x 14.5”

I received the Night Cat Platinum puzzle as a gift for review and it sure was a delightful experience.  I have always been impressed with the puzzles cut by Dee Rogers in our Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group. She has shared some of the most amazing images and extremely beautiful shaped cuts. Clearly the quality is outstanding just by seeing and feeling the smoothness of each piece. There was zero puzzle dust and the pieces have such a nice, smooth feel to them.

Brand: Platinum Puzzles

Title: Night Cat Platinum Puzzle

By: Diane (Dee) Rogers

Artist: Oxana Zaika

Size: 10.5” x 14.5”

Pieces: 236, 23 whimsies

Night Cat Platinum puzzle review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality: Great

Board Quality: 'Plush' wood Great

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Great

Hardest Area: There was none

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Dry paper 

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Gifted with Review 

Recommend Level: Very high

Time: 2 hours

About the Night Cat Platinum puzzle

Platinum Puzzles prides itself on top quality and gives the Puzzler an experience in the same way puzzles were first introduced back in the old days. By that I mean the 'sense' of a vintage puzzle.

  • The first puzzles that were produced did not have an image on the outside of the box
  • The puzzle Title was hand-written as were the number of pieces. 
  • Some came in tin boxes as well as cardboard with the label stuck onto the outside
  • The pieces were not bagged back then but blanketed with tissue paper

Platinum Puzzles adds a personal touch;

  • When you open the box you are instantly greeted with a 'Welcome' envelope sharing a personal touch
  • Inside the envelope is a sheet of paper that shares the details about the puzzle such as the Title of the puzzle, number of pieces, date made and how many whimsies. The rest of the sheet is for record keeping of Puzzlers who have assembled the puzzle once it moves onto the next Puzzler; name, age, location, missing pieces and date completed.
  • Inside the box, the wood pieces are wrapped in soft white tissue paper and you will instantly see the Platinum Puzzle seal imprinted on the top sheet. You will see how perfectly the tissue paper is folded around all the pieces.
  • Finally, when you lift the tissue paper you will be delighted to see the lovely cut  wooden pieces made of quality 5 ply cherry wood that are surprisingly light and are various shapes and sizes.

The Night Cat Platinum puzzle assembly

I did not due my usual sorting routine on the Night Cat Platinum puzzle because this is 236 pieces which laid out nicely onto the foam board. There is no picture to go by and the Title refers to Night Cat which doesn't give me much of a clue.

If you look closely at the image to the right you will see several of the 23 whimsies.

There is no way to determine the border so I started to match colors and colored patterns because matching pieces is not an option here. 

Eventually some of the pieces started to give me clues, like there's cats eyes, a mermaid, some flowers, a house and I see water.

As I continued it became clear this was going to be the shape of a cat with colorful painted details inside.

Once again I took my close up photos of the Night Cat Platinum puzzle and you can see that the Title of the image/puzzle does relate to a rainy night....stars, moon, raindrops and a mermaid in a pond. Dee quotes, "The Artist is Oxana Zaika. She was born in 1969 in Russia and currently lives in France. Her work is a favourite for it's colourful charm." Her work is really impressive which can be seen on her Facebook Page 

I decided that I wanted to put this treasure on the wall. I did a test to see if the Buffalo Presto Peel and Stick for puzzles would be removable in case I want to redo this super fun puzzle and yes it is doable. But in the meantime I  prefer to see it on my wall. You can see in the following images;

  • The full back image of the Night Cat cherry wood puzzle
  • You can see a very closeup image of a whimsies
  • You can see Dee's signature and the year it was cut - Dee 2019
  • The Presto Puzzle Sticker sheets I used
  • I had to use 2 sheets due to the size of the puzzle and the sticker sheets. I traced the outline of the Cat. I cut on the inside of my pencil line to make sure there was no overlap on the edges. Then I peeled off the outer strips and placed the 2 cute patterns onto the back of the shaped Cat. 
  • The puzzle is not heavy so I used a 2-way wall hanger and DONE! It looks great on the wall.

Brand: Platinum Puzzles, Title: Night Cat, By: Diane (Dee) Rogers, Artist: Oxana Zaika, Size: 10.5” x 14.5”, Pieces: 236, 23 whimsies. Hanging on the wall.

When you browse the Platinum Puzzles website you will see some of the most outstanding custom cut puzzles which are quite difficult to assemble - that is their goal. The 'cut' IS the Art and they certainly have achieved that! You can also watch a TV-News video interview to see how it's made and many challenging puzzle images in their workshop studio.

I have to admit - the experience with this wood-cut Night Cat Platinum puzzle is outstanding compared to the traditional board puzzles like Matilda.  Platinum Puzzles really does give you a sense of 'vintage'.  I highly recommend this brand to those who are looking for uniqueness in a puzzle, a gift for a Puzzler or are interested in having an image cut that is extremely challenging. 

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