Animal  Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery

I'll say it again....some of the best jigsaw puzzles are images of animals.

We are very fortunate that artists, photographers and companies provide us with a plethora of animal images. I like to think of animals being Nature's gift to us. 

There seems to be an endless supply of Nature's gifts and I have one of the most beautiful ones too! Take a look at the following....


FX Schmid, Bengal Tigers, 2000 Pieces - 36.5x25.75" or 92x65cm

This was very challenging to complete - look at the colour blends. But when I completed it... I was thrilled. The size of this image is huge and 2000 pieces to put these 2 animals together required a lot of patience and many hours. Being an FX Schmid, the quality was great but wow!!!....a real achievement indeed!!!!  


Brand:Clementoni  Title: Band of Thunder

Pieces: 13,200  Size: 2.92X1.35, OR 114 5/7"x53"

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Title: A Chorus Line    Brand: Pastimes Puzzles

Size:18" x 24"  Pieces: 500 pieces, 50 Whimsies

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Brand: Sunsout

Title: Horses in the Wind - Artist:  Jim Warren 

500 pieces, 19 inches round

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Cobble Hill Puzzle Company, Great Horned Owl , Simon Bolyn, Pieces: 1000, Size: 26.626" x 19.25"


Brand: Eurographics Title: Halloween Pets , Size: 19.25" x 27" Pieces: 1000

There's a lot more to come..........

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