Krypt 654 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

      Brand: Ravensburger

     Title: Krypt 2005

     Pieces: 654    

     Size:  20" x 27″ or 70x50cm


Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:  Very good

Board Quality: Paper foil feel on top

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Not available

Hardest Area: The area outside circle

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: matte

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: No

Was this purchased new? no

Price: $2.99 (Thrift Store)

Recommend Level: High

Time: 17 hours

On the box cover and the image on the back I can see the shapes are quite odd…..after all, it claims that no two pieces are the same. I found myself actually stacking pieces of the same shape only were different sizes – that’s interesting to note. So once I realized that, I started to sort them and organize them on the foam boards according to their shapes and then sorting them down to their sizes. I was not sure if that would help or not.

Next came the border….it was somewhat of a hassle to get together as some of the pieces “seemed” to be exactly the same….but such is not the case… I replaced and replaced and replaced until I felt like all the pieces fit well enough – not really knowing for sure and that took me two hours just to get it to that point. I was focused quite deep. Look at this tense border!

So what was next…..well I liked the small pieces that appeared to be the middle so I decided to start there…now this following photo took me 2.5 hours. That really is a long time for this amount of pieces completed here. But it certainly kept my attention and the time just blew by…….

Once I felt I used up most of the major small pieces in the middle I decided to start with the larger pieces that were shown on the 4 corner areas……some of these pieces were fairly large pieces – keep in mind that this 654 pieces measures to be 20 x 27″ or 70x50cm. That’s the size of many 1000 piece puzzles. The following photo shows the sides completed  which took 1.5 hours….again not much for the time invested. But looks pretty impressive since I managed to get the circle connected.

From there I continued with the outer circles which took an additional 4.5 hours….I felt like I was moving fast when I seen a bit of a pattern forming but they were only in the corners and each one was it’s own pattern…..strange but true.


You would never consider a silver jigsaw puzzle to be beautiful but I certainly do consider this one to be. I just love looking at the pattern. I did find that I did miss an image while doing this one, however the time past so quickly while I was intensely focussed on it that I did not miss the image for long. Take a look at the close up photos by clicking on them.

About a year ago, several other jigsaw puzzlers in the Facebook jigsaw puzzle Groups did this one with me as a group. There were 4 of us altogether and CLICK HERE to read all about that with some great photos we shared!

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