Antiques and Collectable Store Displays Jigsaw Puzzles

The Antiques and Collectable store located in Heritage Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Store uses  jigsaw puzzles to accent the era of items in several categories.

The Heritage Park Historical Village is a wonderful family entertainment park to visit anytime of the year. On 127 acres it boasts it has more than 180 unique exhibits across the Park displaying the historical journey through Western Canada.

During my first visit to the Park, we toured the Gasoline Alley which displays a plethora of antique cars. There's a Youtube Video below.

We have always been attracted to the historical museums so this was a perfect way to see up close so many different vehicles  that have been restored and stored for public viewing. 

Then we cruised the the Shops on the way out of the Heritage Park and surprisingly discovered the following wonderful displays. 

The Antique and Collectables Shop

Along with beautiful sterling silver tea sets and trays, they used Cobble Hills jigsaw puzzle titled More Teacups to enhance the Tea display.

The Shop was very large and organized with so many different topics of history.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cobble Hills Archie jigsaw puzzle series.

Next I came across a stand holding  items of Canadian Wildlife. Embedded into the stand were several Cobble Hills jigsaw puzzles by the famous Artist Robert Bateman.

Up against the wall there were several shelves with books I had read in my childhood. It was fantastic to see these collections. And what a better way to display the Cobble Hills jigsaw puzzles Nancy Drew Book Covers.

I was instantly drawn to the antique sewing machine and table. It was in perfect condition. They conveniently tucked the Cobble Hill Sewing Notions jigsaw puzzle into the right place.

Right close by in the same area of the sewing and along with other ornamental items they stacked the Cobble Hills Quilts jigsaw puzzle.

This image is a little off-centered because it is the view of the Front Window display. The section here is Birds with nature. The Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle is titled Sunflowers and Goldfinches

Mixed within the Cat and Dog display I noted the Cobble Hills Library Cat jigsaw puzzle not to mention a lot of real cute cat items.

I was really impressed the way they embedded the Cobble Hills Chickadees and Lilacs jigsaw puzzle among the colorful birds and antique items.

Heritage Park and the Antiques and Collectable Shop was a delightful way to spend the day with my Hubby and adult daughter. I enjoyed myself immensely.

And since you may not see this Heritage Park for yourself I have added this little Youtube video to give you an idea of what it looks like....enjoy and happy puzzling.

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