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Our feature writer today is from the UK and they are sharing their choice of Top 10 Summer Scene jigsaw puzzles. The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store is available for online purchases. Their website is cleanly organized with over 1500 in store puzzles and an offer of free shipping over £20. Take a look at these 'dreamy' puzzle photos.

Feature story...

Summer has arrived and we have put together our top 10 favourite picks for summer puzzles.  With the long warm evenings there is no better way to relax at the end of a day than with a jigsaw!

If you like the look of any of the jigsaws in this article, we currently have them all in stock over at!

The Sunflower Garden is the title of this beautifully illustrated 1000 piece Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzle which represents the stunning flowers and varied wildlife that can be found in a garden. The puzzle image expresses an array of plants, insects and animals, all of which bring the image to life. But the main attraction of this puzzle is the big beautiful sunflowers that have sprung to life.

The very talented artist Anne Searle, who is one of Falcon’s most popular artists, has painted this beautiful scenic jigsaw puzzle image.


This nostalgic 1960's scene shows the view from Scarborough’s South Cliff Gardens across South Bay and beyond. Holidaymakers enjoy the sun and fresh air, taking in the fresh air and the wonderful view. The impressive 19th century Grand Hotel dominates the skyline, with the Spa buildings below. In the distance we get a glimpse of the Futurist Theatre (now sadly closed), harbour and castle beyond. Scarborough claims to be Britain’s first true seaside resort and over the years has built a reputation as a hub for music and the creative arts.


A kaleidoscope of colourful species from all over the world live in the butterfly house. Visitors can follow a trail through the flowers, vines and foliage as butterflies fly over head. The Butterfly House is full of vibrant flowers, glistening chrysalises and busy feeding stations. Conditions have to be just right to keep the butterflies happy and flying at their best. With temperatures of 27 degrees by day, this truly is a tropical environment.


Who said being a grandparent was easy? After a busy morning entertaining the grandchildren, it’s finally time for Grandad and get some well-earned rest in the afternoon sunshine.


Norfolk broads is the title of this captivating 1000 piece Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzle. The stunning image captures a Norfolk broad with beautiful wildlife covering the front of the image. The image also features people walking past a spectacular windmill in the background with a crisp detailed rainbow just over it.


Any visitor to the town of Staithes is going to be astounded by how much history such a small place can have. Staithes is famous for its past fishing industry and hundreds of years of mineral production, an industry that continues to this present day. Staithes is nestled between the sea and the North York moors.

At the foot of the village is a beautiful small harbour, sheltered by high cliffs, piers and rock armour. A small fleet of brightly painted cobbles can usually be found here. These are the traditional fishing vessels of this coast and are used by local fishermen to catch crabs, lobsters and cod.


Britain’s premier cartoon illustrator, Mike Jupp, continues to delight jigsaw puzzle fans year after year and his ‘I Love’ range cannot fail to amuse both young and old. I Love Summer, details Mike’s hilarious capacity to capture the comical and ridiculous side of everyday life. The chaotic commotion of British summer is shown in this jam packed puzzle, where all things summer-like have gathered, from baby-carrying seagulls to ominous thunderstorms – the glory of a Great British summer is portrayed in the most hilarious way possible.


Summer days in this picturesque 1950s village are always bustling with activity. Fishing in the stream, harvesting vegetables in the garden, and nattering with friends are the order of the day in this cheerful scene.


Hummingbird garden is the title of this beautiful jumbo Premium Collection jigsaw puzzle of some very colourful hummingbirds and flowers.  The pieces in this 500XL puzzle are twice the size of a standard piece.


Cinque Terre is the title of this wonderful jumbo Premium Collection jigsaw puzzle of the beautiful location in Italy, cinque Terre.


Thanks very much for taking the time to share the details on these wonderful puzzles, your website and photos of your jigsaw puzzle store. Many of our UK puzzlers will now know and have access to any of the very popular brands available either online or if they happen to be in the neighborhood.   


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