Winter in the Mountains Jigsaw Puzzle

     Brand: FX Schmid

     Title: Winter in the Mountains

     Pieces: 2000      Photo: M. Thonig

     Size: 36.5x25.75" or 92x65cm

LOOK at that landscape scene....doesn't it look so peaceful?  It's likely someone's winter cabin for skiing or perhaps those are hunters cabins (not that I condone that by any means).

While the cabins may spoil the landscape of nature for some, the magnificent mountains in the rear grasp the reality of intimidation. By that I mean, the mountains may be in the background but they make 'man' cabins look very small. Although there is a lot of skiing room there.

I purchased this at a Thrift store for $2.00 so I do not know if the pieces would be sealed in a bag or not.

FX Schmid truly has top-of-the-line quality jigsaw puzzles. Here's some points I observed;

  • Very sturdy box (I like that - it protect the pieces)
  • The pieces are made of quality board
  • There is no gleam on the pieces to reduce glare (very important)
  • The pattern is consistent with no odd shaped cuts
  • I cannot locate a year on this one but it does appear to be an older FX Schmid
  • The cut was great for it's age....may be because it was assembled minimal times
  • Being 2000 pieces, it was quite large in size for the work area
  • You can see maybe 5 different colours
  • It was very challenging

This one certainly tried my patience....not sure which colour was more challenging - the white or blue! The cabins were easy HA!

I do not have many 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles in my hobby collection and I did do the Bengal Tigers of the same brand. 

You can see on the above image how the shadows in the snow almost look blue and some greys....these conflicted with the mountains and sky.

I liked the brand, quality, landscape scene very much but I did not care for how challenging it was. I just wanted to get it done and move one. That is not such a great experience for a puzzler but it is what we do......not for the faint of heart - that's for sure!

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