3D World Globe Jigsaw Puzzle

 Brand: Buffalo Games, INC

Artwork: Laura Urquhart. 

Title: 3D Spherical World Globe

Size: 9.5 inches in diameter

Pieces: 530 

So this looks fun! A 3D Spherical World Globe in a jigsaw puzzle format.  It’s 9.5 inches in diameter using 530 pieces.  It assembles into a free standing sphere and requires no interior support. Better yet! It was a Thrift store purchase for $1.00 AND all the pieces were there!!!

The jigsaw puzzle is made in the USA by Buffalo Games, INC and the globe artwork is by Laura Urquhart. There is a collar stand for display and piece by piece instructions.

AND the pieces are numbered on the back for easier assembly for those who choose to do so. I decided to count out the 530 pieces first thing to be sure if ALL the pieces were there. It’s always a nice surprise and bonus when they are so I won this one! It took about 1.5 hours to lay them all out to confirm but I felt much better knowing there were no missing pieces.

Next up came the assembly process. My Hubby did the assembling as I did the sorting and layouts. I was grateful that he decided to help with this because the pieces are very tight fitting and difficult to maintain in place. I know my little hands would have wrestled with this. As you can see, we assembled the pieces in rows as instructed on information provided.

W(h)e started with the South Pole as that was the direction of the number sequences. Each row completed is indicated by a certain mark on the back of last piece in the row indicating the next row starts the next level.

The process is the easy part overall taking about 5 hours. The biggest issue was keeping the pieces flush and in place to give the Globe a smooth surface. Well our globe does not have any more of a smooth surface than the real earth terrain…..in fact it’s pretty rough looking.

Last but not least was the North Pole. It has trap-door piece that lifts up and down. This allows you to insert the pieces very carefully by holding it from the outside. Then the flap just lays down.

Here is a clear view of the North and South Pole. So you start the jigsaw puzzle at the South Pole and build it up circular to the end of the North Pole. You can see the flap at the center with the extra circle in the middle that lifts up and sits back down into place.

Now that it is completed and I have had a good visual of it I must admit that I am not too impressed with it. The experience was great! The completed puzzle – not so much. I was hoping for a bit more perfection….ahaha….but that’s just me!!! You know what?! It looks really super awesome from far away……


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