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Now a days 3D jigsaw puzzles are so much more creative. Have you seen the different ones available out there? You have a choice ranging from foam to wood, 1-1000+ pieces and the variety is left to the imagination.

Try typing 3D jigsaw puzzles in Google and the return is 900,000 in less than 60 seconds! That's a lot of different choices to make.

But how well do they stay together? What is the quality like? Are they too challenging. I have had the opportunity to try a few different ones over my years. I can share my reviews  with you below.

Pintoo - British Vase, 160 pieces, 11x11x27.4cm OR 4.3x4.3x10.70 inches.

These are really beautiful, especially with fresh cut flowers inside. There is a container inside for water. The pieces are curved and are numbered on the back.

Just a word of caution....please handle your Pintoo Vase Jigsaw Puzzle with care when placing your flowers into it. If your puzzle pieces are not securely in place they may pop out and that could be drastic if you have the water in the container already (especially if it is sitting on the same table you are using for your current jigsaw puzzle).  

To read more and view images of placing the pieces together please CLICK HERE

Pintoo - Beautiful Seamless Flowers, 160 pieces, 11x11x27.4cm or 4.3x4.3x10.70 inches.

These types of 3D's do not take long to put together but I found this one to be so tight that it tended to pop out far easier than the British Rose above. 

To read more and view images of placing the pieces together please CLICK HERE

3D Christmas jigsaw puzzle, 45 pieces,15.7x11.8 inches or 40x30cm. Ages 4+ Here's a delightful way to spend some quality time with your little kids during the holidays. To read more with photos please CLICK HERE

Pintoo Puzzle Sphere Lantern

56 pieces, 3 inches (7cm) in diameter

Lantern stand AND 3 AAA batteries (not included)

This was such a delightful gift I received all the way over from Vietnam. I was (still am) thrilled to have this in my jigsaw puzzle hobby. To read my review, please CLICK HERE

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