4D Game of Thrones Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: 4D Cityscapes / HBO

Title: Game of Thrones - Westeros

Pieces: 1400+ pieces

Size: 30" L x 18" W x 2" H

What is the 4D? Or 4 Dimensions?

  1. Dimension 1 - First level flat jigsaw puzzles pieces
  2. Dimension 2 - The foam pieces that make up the land
  3. Dimension 3 - The structures and/or buildings
  4. Dimension 4 - Time - work thru the Time Poster to locate and place each building on the map according to the year it was built. Since they are in chronological order, you will reach the year of the map. 

However in The Game of Thrones the 4th Dimension of Time is used to learn the history and lore of each structure, mark the locations of important castles and villages and discover the natural features and battle locations as they are marked and explored.

What's in the box? 

  • Brochures and prints
  • Westeros Maps
  • Structures
  • Markers
  • Suggests to use double sided tape or glue to hold the puzzle together

Dimension 1 

The first layer is a 1000+ pieces jigsaw puzzle with the various locations and regions of Westeros.

The pieces are in gold, white and black colors mostly, random size cuts and fairly good quality.

Dimension 2

The second layer is made of 200+ interlocking foam-backed pieces of artwork images.

This layer replicates the landscape terrain used in the Game of Thrones theme.

Dimension 3

This layer adds the 3D miniature items that represent the cities and castles.

  • Kings Landing
  • Winterfell
  • Eyrie
  • Wall (plus more)

Also included:

  • over 45 flags to mark the famous landmarks
  • 10 sigils to mark the Houses
  •  5 battle markers to learn the locations of five major battles

Dimension 4

The Game of Thrones uses the 4th Dimension of Time as follows;

  • Structure Archives - Learn the history and lore of each structure 
  • Castle / Village Markers -  Mark the locations of important castles and villages 
  • Nature / Battle Markers - Natural features and battle locations are marked and explored

Of course this is not your typical jigsaw puzzle. It's a fairly time consuming project and educational experience for ages 13+ that will take up some good space.

While the price brand new is equally fair for the overall packaged product, I was extremely lucky to buy this one for $2.00 at the local Thrift Store.

As you have seen in the photos, the majority of the product items are still in the closed bags. The Game of Throne jigsaw puzzle pieces were not in a bag so there will be a possible risk of a missing piece. 

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