Bouquet Puzzle

Brand: Galison Puzzles
Title: Bouquet puzzle
Artist: Ashley Woodson Baile
Pieces: 750
Size: (approx.) 25

This Bouquet puzzle is one of my most favorite shaped jigsaw puzzles. It's a keeper on my wall.

Brand: Galison Puzzles

Title: Bouquet puzzle

Artist: Ashley Woodson Bailey

Pieces: 750

Size: (approx.) 25" x 25"

Bouquet Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Fantastic

Cut Quality:  Excellent

Board Quality: Thick/solid/taut

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Superb

Hardest Area: The green/white areas

Puzzle Dust? next to none

Finish Quality: Smooth shiny coating

Box Quality: Really good and solid

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: Yes

Was this purchased new? Yes

Price: $19.99

Recommend Level: High

Time: Approx. 8 hours

Bouquet Puzzle Assembly

I did not do my usual sorting routine as this in a 750 piece puzzle with white on the border pieces. So I attempted to sort out the borders only as shown below and to the right.

This Galison jigsaw puzzle comes with a poster. Also, IF you are really stuck you could use a magnifying glass to see how the pieces fit by looking at the image on the front of the box.  I knew the border would be testy but I gave it a try anyway. That said, I never did complete the border until the very end so there's no actual border photo.

Rather than focus on the border for the Bouquet puzzle, I focused on the colors starting with yellow, red, purple and brown. The stand was likely the easiest part of this puzzle and the border was the last part to be completed. Since I had most of the white-border-edge pieces set aside I was able to complete the outside flowers first then work my way into the full colors of the bouquet. Placing the greenery into place was tricky and that's where a good portion of time was spent.

My normal speed for a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle would be about 8 hours and the Bouquet puzzle was about the same time. It was well worth the finished picture which is now admired on my wall :) 

The following are some of the close up images displaying the quality cut of the pieces and the style of the random type cut. I am really impressed with the image quality and the size of the over all puzzle at 25" x 25".

Bouquet Puzzle Comments

The Galison jigsaw puzzles come with a poster, the pieces are bagged in thicker plastic than most puzzle bags and the box is solid, plus pretty as you can see below for this Bouquet puzzle. I have also assembled the Galison Avian Friends and I'd Rather Be Reading jigsaw puz

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