Ralph Goings Diner Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Ravensburger

Title: The Diner

Artist: Ralph Goings

Size: 27" x  20"

Pieces: 1000 (missing 1 piece)

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:    Good

Board Quality: Good

Shape Cut: grid/ribbon

Image Quality: Great

Hardest Area: Silver areas

Puzzle Dust? no

Finish Quality: Smooth non-glare

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: gift

Recommend Level: High

Time: 15 hours

Wikipedia Version

The WikiArt version

CLICK HERE to see large image in clarity.

Ralph Goings is famous for his artwork known as Photorealism.

I did my usual sorting routine.

  1. Sorting to locate all  the outside border pieces, while....
  2. Placing the pieces into the 'general-color' piles. 
  3. Then I carried on with a second round of sorting (similar colors sorted by shades/patterns) while placing the pieces flat out on the poster boards. 

Every area of color seemed to be tricky with color blends. The border is all white which made that a little tricky. Solid borders like this usually are so it is usually determined by the feel-fit of the pieces.

Next I focused on the blue/greys being the counter and flooring which are close in colors. The lines in the gold/white colored ceiling were helpful. The windows were the easiest area to complete. The countertop has many details that most of the ketchup bottles just seems to appear. The sugar containers were identifiable.    

I really loved this image very much as it is rare to see this era of inside a Diner in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. I do remember being in Diners similar to this.

From a jigsaw puzzler's point of view however, this puzzle could be daunting because there is so much detail, image-glares and color blends. It is produced with grained paper that reduces glare while assembling it.  I highly recommend this puzzle for those who enjoy that extra challenge.

The above jigsaw puzzle(s) have been added to my Puzzle Hobby Tracker 

I am in the process of recording all my past jigsaw puzzles that I still have for my walls and all my current puzzles.

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