Springbok Gold Finch Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Springbok

Title: Goldfinch

Size: 18 x 23.5

Pieces: 350


Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:  Great

Board Quality: Thick

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Superb

Hardest Area: The greenery

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth/shiny 

Box Quality: Thick and solid

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? yes

Price: $1.25 Thrift Store

Recommend Level: High

Time: less than 3 hours

This one certainly has the 'spring' in Springbok here.....bet they get that a lot! I have always favored nature outside or in images. They have really captured the beauty of both spring and nature. 

You will see in the closeup photos below the very fine details that are not seen on the large image to the right here.

The colors blends are visible here with most beautiful birds, flowers and plantations.

Here's a selection of close up images. Now you can really see the tiny Ladybugs, bees and butterflies. The Goldfinches are much more prettier closeup.


Coincidently, the previous owner kindly left these two inserts in the box. They are sharing the 50th Anniversary of Springbok and the Product Warranty.

I have to admit....I have never had an issue or incident with a Springbok jigsaw puzzle of any sort outside of the faded box cover which was a Thrift store purchase (so we do not know where that situation came from).

This was a most delightful and brightly colored jigsaw puzzle and 3 hours of Spring that I thoroughly enjoyed!

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