Photographer - Artist Ken Duncan
Panograph Jigsaw Puzzles

A brilliant Australian, Ken Duncan is a photographer who takes his passion one step further and turned his art into Panograph jigsaw puzzles.

He markets his own puzzle and many of them are ‘lenticular’ (3D) which appear to move. They are simply gorgeous!

Art is not always created with pencils and paints. Today’s featured puzzle artist is an Australian photographer by the name of Ken Duncan… Known for his “crisp” panoramic photos that he calls “Panographs”, he creates some of the most beautiful puzzles aver made. His ‘lenticular’ puzzles are absolutely STUNNING… I have owned 2 of his, and they are just incredible. For those of you who are not familiar with the lenticular process… it makes the puzzle appear to be in 3D, gives it motion, and lights the scene as if you were actually there…

Ken Duncan shares more than just his photography in Australia. He holds workshop at his gallery, sells calendars and he created his brand of Panograph jigsaw puzzles.

*note all the images in this article are copyright to Ken Duncan 

His website provides many corporate gifts. Please CLICK HERE to see. He has won numerous awards over the years. Visit his Facebook page for beautiful at Ken Duncan Photographer 

I hope you have an opportunity to assemble one of these Lenticular and other jigsaw puzzles

A Lenticular puzzle is a puzzle that takes advantage of this type of lens to create an illusion. The illusion works by showing you a different image depending on the angle at which you view the image on the puzzle. The image may show depth, or a completely different image as you change your viewing angle.


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