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Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram  and we don't blame her these days. But that is not what Monica is about. Being Puzzled About Everything is associated with jigsaw puzzles. She is proof that life does not stop at 50 or in a pandemic!

Turns out she is quite the entertaining Youtube and Instagram personality. We had a chance to have a chat with her. Here's her story...

Monica Marlett - Instagram Puzzled About Everything

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram
Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram

Ok, I’ll jump right into answering your questions. I live in Toronto, Canada. In some of my posts you can see my view of the CN Tower and the Rogers Center in the background.

I work on a card table from my living room. We live in a very small condo. We sold our beautiful home shortly after we became empty nesters. We moved downtown about 5 years ago. I picked up puzzling again as I have more time now..

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram
Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram

My daughters suggested Instagram, as they got fed up with me sending them pictures of my latest accomplishments.

I started that about 4 years ago as a way to display and keep track of my puzzles.

Shortly after creating the account I got very entertained with some animated puzzle clips.

I thought I could do it and I started to experiment with my puzzles when I finished them. I found it very fun and relaxing.

Rather than packing up the puzzle when I was done I extended the puzzle experience for myself.

Then we had the pandemic and my account started to explode.

I love to puzzle as much as I love to make these deconstruction videos. I’ve challenged myself to learn new creative ways to feature my finished puzzles. I’m self taught on social media and that has been tough.

When I started my Instagram account I looked at what other people were writing in their description.

I didn’t feel comfortable writing about my puzzle experience so I started with a dad joke. It felt right and I just went with it and still do.

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram
Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram

I want to empower them (Daughters) with the example that life doesn’t stop after 50. I want to be relevant and contribute something positive to today’s generation. In this fast paced world of high tech and disruptors, I want to showcase it’s never to late TO learn new things and be part of the conversation. It’s important to me to convey that you can grow and pivot as life changes.

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram
Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram
Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram

I do have three daughters. They are the ones that encourage me the most. My girls are so impressed with my content and how far I have come.

I have connected with so many lovely people through puzzling...puzzle swap groups, IG, trades. I started the YouTube channel because I actually have so much content and I can’t post it all on Instagram.

I have a code that I usually only post once a day. More than that people get turned off. I switched to a new platform so I could showcase the other work that I do with my puzzles.

YouTube is tough, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with it. It really does consume a lot of my time and I feel much happier with the interaction I have with my followers on Instagram.

My girls are telling me to keep going but they really don’t understand the work involved. It’s starting to interfere with my puzzle time. When my hobby becomes work it’s time to re think things.


Special thanks to Monica for sharing her Instagram  journey with us!


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