Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzle Gift

Brand: Sugar Cookie

Title: Mom

Pieces: 1

Size: 4" x 4".....+ + + + + + +

Band of Thunder - 13,200 Pieces 

Brand: Clementoni

Title: Band of Thunder

Artist: James Hautman

Pieces: 13,200

Size: 53.15" X 115.16" or  292.5 X 135 cm

The Band of Thunder jigsaw puzzle has been on the VERY top of my wish list for over 3 years now. It is not available in Canada and also very pricey to purchase online from overseas. Then there is the shipping issue and currency exchange rate to take into consideration. Hardly makes for the purchase of this jigsaw puzzle to become even close to being reasonable.

Lucky for me, I have puzzle Fairies working behind the scenes in my favor.  A Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group member is a wiz at getting deals and arranging shipments to the USA. Cassia Lancaster of Puzzle Gold made the best deal I have seen yet. Not only did she get a decent deal, she was also willing to sell it to me at her cost and then go to the trouble of shipping it to me in Canada. 

I have been watching for this puzzle for so long but now my search has ended. I do not believe I could get a better deal for the Band of Thunder living here in Canada. Somehow I feel like my collection is complete now but I don't think I will stop collecting smaller piece puzzles.

And now it is added into the TO-DO List in my Puzzle Hobby Tracker

This is the one that is on the way to Canada and it is scheduled to arrive within the next 5-10 days.....I am thrilled to have it in my collection now. I do not know how or when I will get to assemble it as I need to arrange a working space for it.

I am also extremely pleased to add that my daughters were the financiers to fund this purchase for a combination of my birthday gift AND Mother's Day gift.....I know! I am one VERY lucky mother indeed and my heart is quite full these days.......

Many many many thanks to Cassia and my daughters for making this Mother's Day another VERY special day.

Some of the long-term members will remember that 2 years ago my daughter bought me the 32,000 piece jigsaw puzzle titled New York City Window - to read about that CLICK HERE 

So you can see I do need a new workstation. My Hubby intends to build me a new table, all in good the meantime I puzzle on.......

Brand: Ravensburger

Title: New York City Window

Pieces: 32,256

Size: 17 x 6 feet,  approx 544 x 192 cm


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