Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle


Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle is colourful enough but I am not sure about those people with out faces....certainly is different.

Brand: Cardinal Puzzles

Title:  Mum's Guest House jigsaw puzzle

Artist: Cheryl Bartley

Pieces: 500 (approx. 1"x1" in size)

Size: 18" x 24"

Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality: Loose

Board Quality: Firm

Shape Cut: Grid-like

Image Quality: Brush strokes

Hardest Area: The bottom Flower pots

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth

Box Quality: Good and solid

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Sent for review

Recommend Level: Medium 

Time: 5 hours

Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly

I did my usual sorting routine.

  1. Sorting to locate all  the outside border pieces, while....
  2. Placing the pieces into the 'general-color' piles. 
  3. Then I carried on with a second round of sorting (similar colors sorted by shades/patterns) while placing the pieces flat out on the poster boards. 

Note the size of the pieces are bigger than average puzzle pieces for easy handling.

The border went together fairly quickly with the blue sky at the top and flower pots at the bottom just leaving the sides to fall into place.

The USA Flag was easy to spot so it got assembled as the pieces were sorted.

The blue sky was the easiest colour to start with on the Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle and since this was a 500 piece puzzle with larger size pieces it went rather quickly. Then the Fall coloured trees were next bringing the Guest house windows into view.  Once the building was completed the side areas and faceless people were completed. 

That left only the flower pots and pathways which were the trickiest areas to complete.

Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle Comments...

I am not sure what's up with the Artist's idea of faceless people in her images - her trademark so to speak maybe? Her style of painting is by brush strokes which makes the pieces tricky to recognize and the whole image somehow come together. 

I do like the overall image but I am not fond of doing puzzles that where the pieces that are not easily recognizable. If this were smaller pieces and in 1000 pieces it would be very testy to assemble.

faceless people
example of paint brush strokes
example of paint brush strokes

Cardinal's Mums Guest House jigsaw puzzle is by Artist Cheryl Bartley. It is a 500 piece measuring  18"x 24" and comes with a box lid easel and reusable, sealable bag, both which are very nice extras as shown below.

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This puzzle was sent to me for being part of the Cardinal Puzzle Panel review Group in Facebook. Cardinal Puzzles has reached out to several Group member to provide us with free puzzles upon completing their surveys and reviews. It's our pleasure of course ;) 

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