Puppy Love  Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

Title: Puppy Love

Artist: Giordano Studios

Pieces: 350 Family size (large to small)

Size: 19.25x 26.625


Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:  Great

Board Quality: Firm

Shape Cut: Random and various sizes

Image Quality: Superb

Hardest Area: Puppies near top

Puzzle Dust? None

Finish Quality: Smooth  matte

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: Yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Picked for review

Recommend Level: High

Time:  2.5 hours


I did not do my usual sorting routine but simply laid out all the pieces onto the foam boards due to the number of pieces and the sizes. 

The border went together by using some of the text and the size of the pieces.

The idea of the Family Size puzzles is set so the large pieces are on one side and the smaller pieces on the other making it quite convenient for children and others to puzzle together.

I assembled the bottom portion fairly quickly of course being the largest pieces. Getting over half way quickly, I then got slowed down more with the upper portion as it was browns and greens. So that would be enough interest for the 'adult' or older children to assemble this puzzle with the youngster.


The matte finish is always nice on these puzzles. As is the cut and quality of Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles.

In the end, as you can see in the close up photos below, the pieces do fit perfectly smooth together which compliment the extremely adorable Puppy Love jigsaw puzzle. The image is from Giordano Studios. 

The above jigsaw puzzle(s) have been added to my Puzzle Hobby Tracker 

I am in the process of recording all my past jigsaw puzzles that I still have for my walls and all my current puzzles.

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