Puzzle With Mom

One Woman's Story of combining a passion for puzzling and bonding with her Mom

Sherri was invited to be an Admin of Jigsaw Puzzle Connection Facebook Group in February 2017. Since then, she has remained an active member and very entertaining with her jigsaw puzzle posts.

Sherri has been puzzling with her mom since she was 12 years old, about 54 years. She has 5 siblings and they enjoyed card playing growing up, while Sherri and her mom bonded over jigsaw puzzles. They mostly chose 500 piece puzzles that they could assemble in between meals. They could start and finish a puzzle in time to take it apart before needing the dining table for dinner. 


While growing up, Sherri and her mom would often puzzle mostly in the winter, especially on sunny cold Sunday afternoons. Sherri says, "those were the times I would be able to admit to Mom that I was nervous about starting high school or excited about learning to drive."


Sherri continued to puzzle as an adult but mostly when she would go visit with her mom. Then they would puzzle like crazy. This casual puzzle time soon became more regular when Sherri's dad past in 2017. Being his executor, she would drive up north to his house once a month. Sherri would go by herself, but her mom often drove over from Minnesota to keep Sherri company. A lot more puzzling was done than going through Dad's closets. They developed an even stronger bond during those two years. In 2018 they did 25 puzzles together. Then in 2019 it was 38 but then only managed to do 14 in 2020 due to the pandemic . Sherri says that they have done 15 so far in 2021, and she hopes to squeeze in at least one more visit before the year end.


One thing that has changed, is that Sherri does not puzzle as often on her own , regularly doing 100-200 a year. But since the spring of 2021, Sherri says that she has "lost my puzzle mojo" unless she is with her mom. Not having the chance to be with her mom over the last year and a half has finally caught up with her. Although, Sherri still buys gorgeous puzzles in hopes she can get past the hurdle.

Both women have similar taste in puzzle choices but they have moved on passed doing just Springbok puzzles. Her mom has even done her very first gorgeous wooden Wentworth puzzle.

I thought to end this very interesting story that I would let Sherri herself finish it, with her and how their 'mom and daughter' strategy of puzzling works.


"Puzzling with someone has different rules than when you are puzzling alone. We always declare what we are going to start with when we are turning the pieces over, with Mom getting the first pick. She invariably chooses something that catches her eye, while I try to pick something in a different part of the puzzle. We don’t start with the border, but we spread all of the pieces in front of us, leaving a little bit of workspace for each of us. We work separately for the most part, working towards each other. I try my best to get Mom to “colour within the lines” while Mom does her best to get me to “go with the flow”. Together, we make it work.

We still have deep discussions when we puzzle, but we also do a lot of reminiscing, laughing, sharing stories that we heard, singing along to some of our favourite music, and just catching up on each other’s lives while our hands are busy bringing order to chaos. Puzzling with my mom has become an important part of my life, and I take a lot of photos, trying to preserve those precious memories. My Mom is my greatest treasure, and I am so blessed to still have her with me."


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