Hi I'm a Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist.....

And I can never have enough time to do jigsaw puzzles. I have about 300 lined up.... waiting, including (at the time of this writing) the Ravensburger 32,000 jigsaw puzzle pieces New York City Window.

Just a brief history about me first....living in Alberta, Canada now after raising 3 children and now 3 grandchildren are added to the family mix along with our two 14+ year old Doxie fur-babes that reside with me and my spouse.

Being in the financial/managerial workforce during my working years, I am now semi-retired - just waiting for the day when the only thing on my plate is a great big juicy jigsaw puzzle!!!! Ha!

Sometimes I am just silly with compassion for my jigsaw puzzle hobby. I read, write, buy, sell, assemble, create and day-dream about jigsaw puzzles. 

A jigsaw puzzle hobbyist must enjoy paying attention to fine details, have an appreciation for the Arts and accept the more-than-often tedious challenges of placing/replacing the jigsaw puzzle pieces because the reward upon assembling that last piece is the BIG RUSH! It's that ‘sigh’ of stepping back, taking a real good look at the overall image and saying "oh yah, THAT is one smart lookin' jigsaw puzzle" as you beam with achievement!

Now you get it.....I am passionate about my jigsaw puzzle hobby.

Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Left Side
Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Full View
Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Center Back
The Ravensburger New York City Window, 32,000 pieces Mother's Day 2015 gift from my daughter.
Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Right Side
Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Left Front
We met on the Facebook Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiast Group-we lived in the same city :)
Me on a good day ;) Ahahaha!
He buys me puzzles ;) He's a keeper!
At my jigsaw puzzle hobby station
The 14 year old brothers Furbabes
Me and Mom, I created a puzzle of her brother as Santa (injured arm carrying jigsaw puzzle)

Now that you have visited the personal side of me, I'm moving onto more jigsaw puzzle hobby chat.

I don't stop at doing jigsaw puzzles in my hobby. I have extended by hobby into other areas related to jigsaw puzzles.

I have created numerous images for my jigsaw puzzle hobby. I have enough computer experience to use software programs that assist with that process.

One of my most favorite ones that I created was for my Mom who was 81 at the time of this photo. It's shown with her and I holding the Santa image in the jigsaw puzzle....Click here for the story and more photos....very impressive.