Desserts Jigsaw Puzzle

     Brand: eeBoo      Title: Desserts

     Pieces:  1000        Size: 25 x 25 inches or 63.5 x 63.5 cm

     Artist: Monika Forsberg

I was contacted through Facebook by They offered to send me 2 of their products if I would review them. "It would be my pleasure..." I told them. Here are some of the points I observed.

  • Board alert for the size of 25x25 inches or 63.5 x 63.5 cm (bit of an odd size)
  • The images are created in a 4-sided format so more than 1 person can assemble
  • The boxes are a very good quality keeping the contents safe from damage
  • The jigsaw puzzle pieces are superb! They have a smooth coating on the back.
  • The Desserts had a poster included so I did not have to refer to the back of the box in the area where the big logo covered the image on the front
  • The plastic bag is the type that splits VERY fast so cut the top - do not try to tear open
  • The cut was great...nicely connected tautly
  • Takes about 8-9 hours to assemble (taking your time to relax and enjoy it)

I must admit that this is the first time I have worked with jigsaw puzzle pieces that have a smooth coating on the back - this decreased the peeling or bending to the tips of pieces that get 'tangled' within each other. AND during the disassembling process they easily parted  so that was very pleasing.

The Desserts had a poster so I did not have to reference the back of the box image because the front has the big label patch cover a fair section of the puzzle. 

Beware of the plastic bag. It's the type that can cut real bad and not be reusable. If you were to just try to pull it open then the bag may rip out of control and the pieces would be airborne.....that said, use scissors and gently cut across the top. 

Puzzle companies just need to give us Puzzler's a re-sealable bag....there would be far less missing pieces if that was the case plus it would make a good marketing tool.  I have instantly discarded the bag they used and have replaced it with a good resealable bag.

Next, as you can see in the images I have decided to work these jigsaw puzzles with the organized method due to the amount of details and the '4-sided'  concept.

It was fairly easy in round one of sorting to take the border edges out first and then pile the resembling colours into piles. Once that is completed I do the line-up of all the pieces on boards...that gives me much easier access to the many resembled colours. Most puzzler's do not do jigsaw puzzles this way and I do not do all my puzzles this way.

I carried on to complete the puzzles in about 8-9 hours according to my loose calculations. And it was purely delightful.....I worked on several different sections at a time and when going back to the boards I kept finding more and more pieces I recognized to fit in their place.This is also known as the 'addicting-effect' of the jigsaw puzzle ......(which of course is a good thing.)

Once it was completed (no missing pieces ha!) I felt totally entertained. Once again, as I disassembled the jigsaw puzzle pieces I noticed how well the pieces stood up to this process due to the coating on the backs of the pieces. They 'tangled' up much less....almost popping out of place...(again, another good thing.)

Beside some minor flaws in this product the experience of putting this one together was well worth accepting them. Definitely highly recommended.