Legendary Crossroads - Elvis Jigsaw Puzzles

     Series: Legend of the Silver Screens

     Title: Legendary Crossroads

     Brand: Master Pieces

     Pieces: 750

     Size: 24" x 18" (61cm x 46cm)

Master Pieces jigsaw puzzles presents Legends of the Silver Screen starring Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munroe, James Dean and Boghart. Look for these titles;

  • Classic Interlude - 1000 Pieces 
  • Legendary Crossroads (below) - Tin 750 Pieces
  • Legal Action - 1000 pieces 
  • Highway 51
  • Java Dreams
  • Blue Plate Special - 1000 Pieces 

Note: This series is difficult to purchase as this particular one sell for $39.98 on Amazon.com and $85.36 on eBay.

Here are some details noted while assembling;

  • The board being 24" x 18" was a good size to work on
  • It comes in a tin container 
  • It was sealed in a bag inside 
  • The pieces are great quality
  • Pieces sit smoothly together when connecting 
  • The cut was great 
  • Took about eight hours to complete
  • It was easy to sort the pinks from the two bodies
  • The silver windowsills were challenging with the silver on the car
  • The most difficult parts were the window in the that background blended with the car 
  • The bottom portion where the shoes and ground is tricky

Overall it was a delight to complete and looked great. Here are some nice close up images to share the puzzle piece quality and images.

The license plate says "8-26-46 20th Century Fox"

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