Largest Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery

*Check out this 'short' list of the largest jigsaw puzzles as at 2016

*Companies on the list may no longer produce the jigsaw puzzles. Other companies may have a license to produce the image and may be purchased from that company. Also this list is not 100% accurate.... ;) For a more indepth list see the following...

Largest Jigsaw Puzzle List as at 2016*

Pieces                    Title                                               Brand                                   Year

40320                    Disney Unforgettable Moments     Ravensburger                            2016

33600                    Wildlife                                            Educa                                       2014

32000                    Double Retrospect                         Ravensburger                           2010

32000                     New York City Window                  Ravensburger                          2014

24000                     Life                                                 Educa                                      2007

20000                    World Map                                      Weltbild                                    2004

18000                    Country Seasons                            Bits and Pieces                       2008

18000                    St. Columba Altarpiece                   Educa                                     2003

18000                    Sistine Chapel                                 Educa                                     2014

18000                    Historical World Maps                     Ravensburger                        2002

18000                    Tropical Impressions                       Ravensburger                        2003

18000                     Skylines of the World                     Ravensburger                        2006

18000                     At the Waterhole                            Ravensburger                        2010

18000                     Paradise Sunset                            Ravensburger                        2012

18000                     Magical Bookcase                         Ravensburger                        2015

18000                     Ancient Maps                                 Weltbild            

13200                     Sacred and Profane Love             Clementoni                            2002

13200                     Annunciation                                 Clementoni                            2002

13200                     Lahaina Visions                            Clementoni                            2003

13200                     Old World Map                             Clementoni

13200                     The Creation of Adam                  Clementoni                           2006

13200                     The Last supper                           Clementoni                           2007

13200                      Band of Thunder                         Clementoni                           2008

13200                    "Sellagruppe" - Dolomites             Clementoni                           2009

13200                      New York                                     Clementoni                           2015

12000                      The Temptation of St. Anthony    Ravensburger                      1983

12000                       Castles Neuschwanstein            Ravensburger

12000            New York - the city that never sleeps    Ravensburger                      1998

12000                       The Creation of Adam                 Ravensburger                     2000

12000                       Beautiful View                               Schmidt                             2008

10292                       The last supper                             Yanoman                           2000

10292                        The tower of Babel                       Yanoman

10000                  The garden of earthly delights            Educa                               1997

10000                       The weavers                                   Educa                              2003

10000                       The Surrender of Breda                  Educa                              2007

*Note: this list may be incomplete and inaccurate. It is not facts and is subject to changes. It is for general use only.


My New York City Window 32,000 Pieces

I own the New York City Window but have not started it yet due to space availability.

What is the highest number of  pieces you ask? This kinda fits in here......

The jigsaw puzzle with the most pieces consisted of 551,232 pieces and was completed with an overall measurement of 14.85 x 23.20 m (48 ft 8.64 in x 76 ft 1.38 in) by 1,600 students of the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), at the Phu Tho Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 24 September 2011.

Too read more about this record please CLICK HERE

Wildlife 33,600 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Günther Simetsberger has completed the 33,600 jigsaw puzzle pieces called Wildlife created by the artist Adrian Chesterman.

He lives in Lambach, Austria. He is also the Founder of World Puzzle Days in it's 5th year for 2017.

Educa Borras Titled Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle, 33600 Pieces

Measures 5.7 metres long and is 1.57 metres high or 224.4" x 61.8"

Artist: Adrian Chesterman

Gunther has a 47 minute video and wall mounting of the 33,600 piece Wildlife jigsaw puzzle was entertaining and the information details are extremely helpful for others who are looking for ideas or ways to mounts their puzzles. To read more about this CLICK HERE

More to come.......