Presenting Blue Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Springbok

Title: Presenting Blue jigsaw puzzle

Artist: John Donnell

Pieces: 400 random sizes

Size: 20.5" x 26.75" or 50.2 cm x 67.9 cm

The Presenting Blue jigsaw puzzle is one of my most favourite unique items I have ever seen. What luck to find such a rare treasure. It is not a treasure in the sense of a dollar value but the whole concept of using the paint can, making the puzzle pieces 'family friendly' and the image filled with mostly blue items!

Brand: Springbok

Title: Presenting Blue jigsaw puzzle

Artist: John Donnell

Pieces: 400 random sizes

Size: 20.5" x 26.75" or 50.2 cm x 67.9 cm 

Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality:    Good

Board Quality: Good

Shape Cut: Random and size

Image Quality: Great

Hardest Area: solid color big items

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth shiney

Box Quality: Good tin can

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? no

Price: $1.00

Recommend Level: High

Time: 3.5 hours

Presenting Blue Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly

The only sorting for this puzzle I did was by size. I determined there were about 4 different sizes. This Springbok jigsaw puzzle is considered to be a Family jigsaw puzzle so smaller children can assemble it along with adults.

The border was all large pieces, which was not too tricky to assemble. Starting with the '1st Place' item, I located the large items that were distinctive. I also tried to put into place the largest pieces first and build around them.

I have added several close up images to share the extremely numerous amounts of item in this image. Puzzlers refer to this type of image as 'busy'. Also the close up images show the smoothness and connectivity of the pieces.

Presenting Blue Jigsaw Puzzle Comments

Back in the year 2000, Springbok jigsaw puzzles produced a product line using a paint can to package them. I was lucky to locate this one titled Presenting Blue which is a Family size, 400 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle. By Family Size it is referring to the different size of the pieces. They vary from small, medium to very large.

Looks like a typical paint can.
Front view of the can.
The open view from the top looking in.
Side view of the can.

Not only was I extremely lucky to capture this jigsaw puzzle for one dollar, ALL the pieces were there. I was amazed and thrilled - it was like winning a bonus prize!

There is also one more little twist or family activity that comes with this Family size delightful jigsaw puzzle. Inside, there is a Seek-and-Find activity sheet for the family members to have a little extra fun. 

Finished puzzle product.
Cute little blurbs such as 'No drop cloth required' and 'Only one coat needed'

I could only locate one other  link on the internet with a jigsaw puzzle similar to this and it was titled Presenting Red and is no longer available.  I do not know if there are any other colours for this theme of Springbok jigsaw puzzles but it sure would be nice to see more of these for adults. 

I like the idea of the Family Size Presenting Blue jigsaw puzzle where the sizes are mixed and the Seek-and-Find activity is added. I am not so sure about how busy the image is. I did this puzzle by myself but I think back to when my children 'would be small' and if I tried  to get them to assemble this puzzle with me as a family activity, I don't think this 'busy image' could have held their attention for too long.

I have also had the pleasure of assembling the Sparkling Tree jigsaw puzzle which is a shape puzzle sized at 24" x 30" or 60.9 x 76.2cm and 500 pieces.  It also has a foil type top on some of the pieces to give it the 'sparkle' look.

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