Ideas and Crafts For Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Here's some ideas on how to recycle those jigsaw puzzle pieces.  

There are a variety of different ways to create crafts out of jigsaw puzzles pieces that have missing pieces  or damaged pieces. 

You can also do research by searching Google and looking at social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest  and videos on TikTok.

Puzzle Art by Susan uses jigsaw puzzle pieces and scrapbooking paper to create this beautiful collage image.

Instructions: CLICK HERE

Do It Yourself letters - great project for kids

Instructions: CLICK HERE

Recycle puzzle pieces and picture frames.

Instructions: CLICK HERE

The text reads - "love is like a puzzle... hard to piece together but beautiful when all the right pieces are put together"

Puzzle pieces Snowflakes ornaments

Instructions: CLICK HERE

Puzzle pieces Christmas ornament hanging wreath.

Christmas tree, wreath, photo frame, reindeer

Instructions: CLICK HERE

Puzzle piece cross

Instructions: CLICK HERE

Puzzle quilt pattern

This is sharing a FREE jigsaw puzzle quilt pattern only. 



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