Scoops n Shakes Puzzle


I found the Scoops n Shakes Puzzle for $1.25 at the Dollar Store. Once again it is the image I am attracted to when it comes to these lower end brands of jigsaw puzzles. The board material is on the thin side and the grid cut is very consistent. A Puzzler can pretty much determine if the puzzle pieces is horizontal or vertical. Of course the colorful ice cream treats is perfect for the upcoming seasons. There are some dark areas that testy for the eyes and that being the glass bowls, rims and also the very dark chocolate areas. There is not too much of that though so it will make for a very fun quick-fix experience. 

Cra-Z-Art Scoops 'n Shakes - 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Cra-Z-art

Title:  Scoops n Shakes Puzzle

Photo: Karen M. Romanko

Pieces: 500

Size: 18.25"  X  11"

Scoops n Shakes Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality:    Good

Board Quality: Thin

Shape Cut: Grid-like 

Image Quality: Great

Hardest Area: Dark Brown areas

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth/shiny

Box Quality: Thin but well sealed

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? Yes

Price: $1.25

Recommend Level: Medium

Time: 3 hours

Scoops n Shakes Puzzle Assembly

The border is quite colorful but matching it up to the box image helped with that.

I did not do my usual sorting routine but as I sorted out the edges, I turned all the pieces face up onto the foam board. As you can see, it's colorful.

Scoops n Shakes Puzzle Comments

I recall wanting to get a work in progress image on this Scoops n Shakes Puzzle and then clearly totally forgot to....

So the order went like this;

  • Large chunks of solid colors first which were the pink, yellow and green shakes
  • Smaller chunks of colors were the cones, cherries and multi colored sprinkles
  • Then the purple patches and bowl rims
  • Finally the dark chocolate colors and muted colors

Karen M. Romanko  is known for her photos as you will see at this LINK

Here' some nice close up photos to show off the images better and the quality of the pieces. They are really quite thin, perhaps a step up from cardstock paper but the pieces do fit snugly and you can pick the Scoops n Shakes Puzzle up once assembled. Although I am not fond of the thin pieces I do appreciate the great photos this company produces in puzzles so that's the attraction - not to mention the price. Some of these CraZart puzzles can be found at the Dollar Tree store for $1.25. That's where I got mine. 

I have also assembled the Fireworks Symphony and I Love USA both of which are the Cra-Z-Art Brand.

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