Call Of The Wild Puzzle

The Call Of The Wild puzzle is a family puzzle that has graduated pieces which means the pieces are small, medium and large which are cut in a graduated manner from left to right.  In this case, the large pieces are on the left, the medium size pieces are in the middle and the small (regular) size pieces are on the right.  And it has many comical details to chat about during the assembly process.  As the title states, 'Call of the Wild', the wild sure have taken over this camping zone.

Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

Title: Call Of The Wild puzzle

Pieces: 350

Size:  19.25" x 26.625″

Call Of The Wild Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality: Great

Board Quality: Firm

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Good

Hardest Area: The smaller size pieces

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth matte

Box Quality: Good and solid

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no, picked for review

Price: n/a

Recommend Level: Highly for family

Time: 3 hours

Call Of The Wild Puzzle  Assembly

I did not do my usual sorting routine as this is 350 pieces.  I laid the big pieces into a group as well as the medium size pieces too. You can define the difference for those two because the puzzle tips are larger on the larger and medium pieces.  

These puzzles come with a very nice quality poster as you can see in the image to the right.

When it came to the border this time, I did not do just the border itself. I built up the larger size pieces at the left  and the medium size pieces in the middle before I remembered to get a work in progress photo.

Call Of The Wild Puzzle Comments

The following images show close ups of the style of the cut.  The large pieces on the left are child-like size in sturdy board which is good because there isn't really large details or large sections of colour on the big pieces for the child to pick out.  

The Call Of The Wild puzzle would be a fun one for seniors to work on together as the large pieces work well for those with sensitive hands.

There is a non-glare matte finish is on the Cobble Hill puzzles. They feel so nice when my hands do the 'once-over' upon completion of the puzzles. I also had the pleasure of assembling Catching Santa puzzle  which is also a 350 piece Family size puzzle.

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