Christmas Keepsake Puzzle 

Brand: Springbok No. XZL3443

Title: Christmas Keepsake Puzzle

Photos: Styled by Kim Warner, photo by Steve Wilson

Size: 18 x 23.5

I was so lucky to find this Christmas Keepsake Puzzle cause I just love vintage items.  Take a close look at how the stocking used to be stuffed back in the day with ornaments, popcorn balls and candy canes. We rarely see that these days.

Brand: Springbok No. XZL3443

Title: Christmas Keepsake Puzzle

Photos: Styled by Kim Warner, photo by Steve Wilson

Size: 18 x 23.5"

Pieces: 500 pieces

Christmas Keepsake Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:  Great

Board Quality: firm

Shape Cut: grid-like random-ish

Image Quality: great

Hardest Area: The embedded ornaments 

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth 

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? no

Price: 50 cents

Recommend Level: highly

Time: hours

Christmas Keepsake Puzzle Assembly.....

I did not do my usual sorting routine with this one. I laid all the pieces out onto the foam board and sorted out the border which went together fairly easily. Sorry, missed out on those photos for some unknown reason ;)

My one work-in-progress (wip) shows that I started with the brown patch inside the wreath and as much of the shelf beam as possible. After that I assembled the popcorn and red/white ribbons along with some of the larger ornaments.

From that point on it was basically looking for odd shapes to locate the matching colors to complete the image.

There are 8 very lovely images below that share close up photos of the delightful ornaments, most of which look vintage. Springbok has a whole series of the Keepsake Christmas puzzles and this is the 2nd one I located at the Thrift store - both did not have the Ornament that actually comes with the box when purchased new....not that I expected it too ;) 

I sure can appreciate that Springbok, or someone has this huge collection of Christmas (magic) vintage Ornaments that could create this beautiful image. It was such fun to see all the ornaments come together as I assembled this jigsaw puzzle image. There were several I recognized from back in the day but many were new to me. 

Christmas Keepsake Puzzle Comments

Also, it looks like this Springbok puzzle ran into some water damage as you can see on the image to the right the lighter beige circular area on the back causes some slight damage and swollen pieces on the front. But even that did not spoil the Springbok puzzle experience!

Should you have the opportunity to locate the Christmas Keepsake puzzle I highly recommend getting it.

I have also had the pleasure of assembling the Springbok puzzle Titled: Everything's Up To Date At The North Pole puzzle with the image by: John Overmyer at 500 pieces and the size: 20.5" x 27".

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