Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle 

The Nutcracker jigsaw puzzle may not be in production anymore so you would be extremely lucky if you were to see it on a store shelf somewhere. It was a Christmas special limited edition so it worth taking another look at. Each year I enjoy reviewing this one because of the extra packaging this one came in. A music box embedded right into the packaging playing the perfect music for the girl in the image. This one was a treasure!

Brand: JaCaRou

Title: Nutcracker jigsaw puzzle

Artist: Anie Maltais

Size: 20 x 27"

Pieces: 1000 pieces

Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:  Good

Board Quality: firm

Shape Cut: grid-like

Image Quality: great

Hardest Area: The border

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth shiny

Box Quality: Great c/w music

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? yes

Price: $58.30 includes shipping

Recommend Level: highly

Time: 12 hours

Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly.....

I did my usual sorting routine with this one. I sorted the colors as best I could into piles then did an additional color sort as I laid all the pieces out onto the foam board. I attempted to do the border but with not much luck, I decided to leave it until the end.

After placing the border pieces into position as best I could, I started with the Dancer in pink, the presents, the Soldier and the Christmas tree with the dark background. Those went quite well. Then I pulled out the patterns for the page border, the center book mark and the music sheet. The rest of the pieces fell nicely into place to complete the inside image so it was back to the border.

Grid-like cut pieces sometimes 'feel' like they are in the correct place only to be discovered other pieces do not fit correctly. Repeated patterns or solid border combined with grid-like pieces makes for the additional challenge. I am pretty sure I got the border correct because they 'seem' to fit.

The following 3 images share some close up images of the puzzle piece quality and sizes which are great! The images share several little Christmas details such as the beautiful Christmas tree, the clock and the Nutcracker soldier the Dancer is carrying.

Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle Comments

This special JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle comes with a sturdy Book-like box with an embedded music box so when the lid is lifted the music plays "Dragee Fairy Dance" of Nutcracker Ballet by Tchaikovsky.

When Nutcracker jigsaw puzzle came out I purchased it for myself for Christmas and wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree.

I also had the pleasure of assembling the beautiful Zodiac jigsaw puzzle at 1000 pieces.

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