Anne Geddes Jigsaw Puzzles


Sweet and very adorable describes Anne Geddes jigsaw puzzles. She focuses on beautiful born babies with such creative elements surrounding them.  Then the photographs/images show up in a wonderful array of products making very delightful gifts which are sold around the world. Her unique style has made her well know sought after for items that sell in the millions. 

And that includes jigsaw puzzles.  However, I have to admit, for all my years of puzzling and mixing it up in the social media, I have not seen a whole lot of Anne Geddes jigsaw puzzles out there. Also, I have not seen a whole lot of 'bigger' name brand companies license her images for production. Seems rather strange to me...

Anne Geddes - an Australian-born photographer, is currently living and working in New York. Geddes' books have been published in 83 countries. According to, she has sold more than 18 million books and 13 million calendars. Wikipedia

BornSeptember 13, 1956 Queensland, Australia

For 10 years Anne specialized in classic portraiture of children and families.  Then in 1992 her first greeting card collection and calendar was introduced in New Zealand.

Quoted from her website: "The Geddes Philanthropic Trust was created to raise money for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Since its inception, the Trust has designated funds from a range of Anne Geddes products totaling more than US$5.7 million, which has aided programs around the world. The upcoming 2018 calendar marks the 27th continuous edition."

Various jigsaw puzzle companies have licensed her photography. They are listed here with the top 5 recommendations as far as quality is rated.

  • Ceaco
  • Karmin International
  • Mega Brands Rose Art
  • BePuzzled
  • Schmidt
  • Greenbrier
  • Warren Puzzle
  • Kimougha
  • Kelmart
  • LPF

Anne Geddes also carries several other products as listed below;

  • Nursery Paint
  • Books
  • Calendars
  • Prints and Posters
  • Dress Up and Costumes
  • Visa Cards
  • Plush Bean Bags
  • Stationary
  • Baby Yarn / Red Heart

Here are some of Anne Geddes jigsaw puzzles. You will surely be charmed with the "Oh-so-cute factor". Just know - the following jigsaw puzzles are a very small amount of what is available for purchase. And we have selected only the Brands we consider to be the most acceptable. (Please click on the images for details on puzzles.)

Also, we have added samples of her other products as listed above just because they are so darn cute!

Anne Geddes Jigsaw Puzzles

Anne Geddes Books

Anne Geddes Costumes

Princess Paradise Baby's Anne Geddes Bunny Deluxe Costume, pink, 3/6M
Princess Paradise Baby's Crabby, Blue, 6 to 12 months
Princess Paradise Baby's Anne Geddes Mermaid Deluxe Costume, As Shown, 0/3M
Toddler Sized Anne Geddes Yellow Goby Fish Costume (18 Months-2T)

Anne Geddes Birthdays - Calendar - Journals

Anne Geddes Baby Yarn - Red Heart

Anne Geddes Paint