Memorable Disney Moments
Part 5 - The Jungle Book


The Jungle Book was the fifth section of this puzzle I completed, and you won't believe what happened when I was done - there's a surprise ending!

After all the many shades of blue in Peter Pan I chose The Jungle Book to be the next section; not only is it my favorite Disney movie (with the best songs, in my humble opinion) there is almost NO blue in it! I knew it would be a bit of a challenge with all the different shades of green, but they're much lighter colors and I knew it would be fun too.

As usual we start with a look at the assembly after about 3 days of work. The pink flowers were easiest to find, along with Mowgli, so they were the starting point of this section. Baloo came next and I was surprised that I found almost all of his pieces on the first sort! The filmstrip was next, my favorite part as always, and went together pretty quickly. It was nice to be able to get Baloo connected to the flower and filmstrip so early in the assembly so I could get them situated properly on the board.

The large rock came next, it had a distinctive color and wasn't as difficult as I feared it might be. Bagheera and the limb he was on was next, and I was able to find the lightest background color and get almost everything connected; looks like I've got the Bare Necessities of this section assembled. *wink*

Many, many shades of green - that's all that's left. It's filling in nicely and looking amazing. There always seem to be a couple of pieces that I didn't sort properly, leaving holes in an otherwise finished area (right under Baloo). I do my best, but sorting through 4000 pieces can start to be mind numbing after a while and shapes and shades all start to blur together.

It looks amazing, doesn't it? I was so proud!

Here's the shocking ending - it was complete for all of about 5 minutes before IT FELL OFF THE BOARD! Yes, you read that correctly. 

The fabric on my board keeps everything in place; so much so that my husband and I were able to lift it and hold it almost vertically and walk into another room and not one piece moved. We did this with every section, taking the board into the bedroom to get each section moved onto the large pieces of cardboard that we used to store them. We did this for all 4 previous sections with no problems at all. When I finish a section I am able to prop up the board against the wall to get a good picture without worrying about the pieces moving or coming off. 

This time I moved the board a little too roughly, and down they all came. Four thousand and thirty two pieces - whoosh! It was like I'd never assembled the section at all, there were puzzle pieces everywhere. I cannot express to you how upset with myself I was, and how devastated I felt. The fit is somewhat loose and everything came apart, almost nothing was still together. For about 5 minutes I was halfway done with the world's largest puzzle; now I had to do the whole section again.

Luckily I had the first picture I took of the completed section (THANK GOD FOR DIGITAL PHOTOS), and I totally cheated while re-assembling this section. I was able to zoom in on the photo and I knew exactly what piece I was looking for. I got it put back together in 7 days using this method. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as actually working the puzzle, but I wasn't looking for fun or satisfaction - I just wanted it finished! 

In the end I miraculously didn't lose any of the pieces and I did get this section re-assembled. It makes for a great story I guess, but to be honest it still made me a little queasy re-telling it. I thought it would be amusing after time has passed, but it isn't. Not yet anyway. 

If you'd like to see the daily progress on this puzzle click here to see the first day of assembly and click "next" to see the day to day updates. If you want to read my post on "that horrible day" click here (I had a LOT to say about it).

20,160 pieces assembled (24,192 if you count my horrendous mistake) - 20,160 pieces to go. We're halfway there! Up next - The Little Mermaid.