Memorable Disney Moments
Part 8 - The Lion King


The Disney Lion King puzzle was section number 8 assembled, and now we're getting to the ones I saved for last because I thought they'd be the most fun. There are more colors and characters in these last three sections to help break up the puzzle into seemingly more manageable bits.

Having finished the 3 sections that I thought would be most difficult, all that's left are ones I was really looking forward to; The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Bambi.They're my reward for diligence and perseverance and I couldn't wait to get going!

This is about 6 days of work. The filmstrip took about 3 days alone, and I wasn't feeling well so my progress on some days was minimal. Still progress is progress, no matter how small. Once the "edges" are in place it helped motivate me to get started on the interior. 

I tried to angle this picture so Mufasa's face in the sky was more visible. No picture I took seemed to do it justice; the sky in this section is GORGEOUS! The colors are amazing and it is absolutely stunning in person. The sky and Pride Rock went pretty quickly as I was finding pieces easily and completely enjoying the assembly. It seemed so much more speedy after working with the darkness of the pieces in Fantasia.

The giraffes look amazing, and although they seem dark the animals along the bottom right side of the image weren't as difficult as they looked. There were days I wasn't able to work on the puzzle much, but things seemed to move along quickly regardless - it seemed like a much easier section. It won't be long now!

The angle isn't great and there's a bit of glare, but I was still a little scared of puzzle collapse and wasn't taking any chances. This section, the sky in particular, was beautiful to look at and fun to assemble. It took the usual 15 days to complete and I enjoyed every single piece. Hakuna Matata!

The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle (at the time) was 80% finished, and I was very proud of myself - and still am. At some point I expected to be bored with it or even expected I might want to put it away for a few weeks and work on other things, but that never happened. As soon as one section was finished I was raring to go on the next. I get a little obsessed at times, can you tell?

If you'd like to see the day to day progress of The Lion King click here to see the first day of assembly and keep clicking next to watch it come together daily.

Only 2 sections remain, and Beauty and the Beast is up next. Stay tuned!