Memorable Disney Moments
Part 9 - Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast was one of the last 2 sections completed; I saved it for last because it looked like so much fun and I wanted to have something to look forward to in order to keep myself motivated. I think it worked, because I got through the first 8 sections much faster than I thought I would. 

The colors in this section are so bright and fun, I was really looking forward to working on it. To be honest though, I was also beginning to dread finishing the entire project. It was so much a part of my daily life for months and months I didn't know what I would do with myself when I was done. I realized this when it took me an entire week to take The Lion King off the board - I was stalling!

Again I took this picture at a weird angle to reduce the glare and so that you could see the characters a little better. It always makes me happy to get the "edges" in place, it made it seem more like my usual puzzle routine, edges first. The filmstrip was great fun, as usual, and I got that finished in one day. I loved seeing what scenes from the movie were chosen and how it tells the entire story from start to finish. 

The blue of the curtains, window, and Beast's jacket went very quickly, as did Belle's dress. I thought I might have flashbacks of toiling for 3 days on Cinderella's gown, but it seems after assembling about 35,000 pieces of this puzzle I developed sort of a knack for recognizing what shape might be next and it went pretty fast. It also helped that Belle's dress is MUCH smaller than Cinderella's was. This is not a comment on Cinderella's figure - no body shaming here!

The Beast finally has a face and some legs, and the stairs are filled in nicely as well. I found the gargoyle to be relatively easy and the scroll work on the banisters to be the most difficult so far. It always gets more exciting near the end when it's really looking like the picture and you are getting closer every day. Every piece placed is one less I have to look through to find the next!

And here we are - bright and beautiful! I had so much fun with this section, I'm glad I saved it till near the end. All the characters were fun to assemble; I usually remember everyone character's name but I had to go searching online to find the name of the feather duster - Babette. My aging old lady brain must have moved her name out of my memory to make room for the lyrics of a pop song from the 80's. 

I enjoyed this whole section, but was also sad that it was done. It seemed slow at times, but in the end took about 15 days just like most other sections. How in the world was I 90% done already? It went so fast!

If you'd like to watch this puzzle come together day by day click here to see the first day of assembly and keep clicking next to see the daily progress. (There is an excellent kid's puzzle mixed in there as well, with the best glow in the dark picture I've ever gotten - it's amazing!)

Up next is the very last section - Bambi!