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Tips, Tricks and Topics of the Day page. Here you will find all sorts of interesting  jigsaw puzzle related tidbits, tips, tricks and topics

It's Halloween Season!

There are over 50 Halloween jigsaw puzzle images in our Halloween Gallery. Take a look here:

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery


Amazon is promoting a NEW sale exclusive to Prime Members.

While there may not be a whole lot of puzzles on sale, you may like to see what deals are available for Christmas presents.

For a Puzzler friend, my book makes a nice, affordable suggestion. CLICK HERE


Mark's video shares his handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle with well over 70 dropouts, and insanely irregular edges. 

Take a look at the intricate work involved in this beauty. You will be impressed. All his contact information is available on the video link below as well as his website. NOTE - do not use the website link in the Youtube video  as it does not work.

To see more CLICK HERE


Cher discovered jigsaw puzzles during her battle with COVID and her compromised immune system. 

Cher Finver sent us her story of how she became a puzzle master during the pandemic.  To protect herself from COVID she was confined in her home with plenty of time. Jigsaw puzzles became a huge part of her days as we all know it became the craze. 

To read her story CLICK HERE


You will see some of the most gorgeous images with terrific wood cut pieces at the Puzzle Lab Company.

We did some research and reached out to them for a A&Q email interview. They are in British Columbia (B.C.) Canada. They are also extremely busy as their puzzles are in high demand.

To read the interview CLICK HERE


Have you seen Vermont Christmas jigsaw puzzles?

Vermont Christmas (USA) has a huge selection of jigsaw puzzles but also numerous Event Calendars too.

To check it out,  CLICK HERE


Did you know that the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association has a list of Jigsaw Puzzles Stores State by State? 

If you are a member of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association you can join in the Travelling Jigsaw Puzzles Activity.  

To sign up for the Newsletter so you do not miss any other events CLICK HERE Note: There is a small fee to help support the 'giveaways'.


In 2021, Jill Walterbach (USA) unveiled her 101,010-piece jigsaw in the game-and-puzzle magazine AGPI Quarterly.

Measuring 22 m long by 0.3 m tall (72 x 12 ft), the “wrap-around” puzzle is a single abstract artwork painted in acrylics on 0.25-in-thick (0.6-cm) maple-veneered MDF. It comprises 37 pieces vertically and 2,730 horizontally, each one cut using a Seyco scroll saw. Guinness World Record

To read our interview with Jill: CLICK HERE


ATTENTION! Looking ahead at this upcoming Jigsaw Puzzle Event.  Bookmark the link below to watch the updates.

Puzzle Hobby will provide updates to the 3rd Annual Puzzle Pals Choice Awards. The Winners receive a digital image for display on their social media and a Certificate.

To check it out...CLICK HERE


Puzzle Warehouse (USA) has a huge selection of over 300 jigsaw puzzles that have reduced prices. 

To check it out,  CLICK HERE

For more information about the Puzzle Warehouse, we have a full article review. CLICK HERE


Peggy Davis is a self taught Artist. See her beautiful jigsaw puzzle images and interview here. 

When we were looking for colourful Spring flowers we found Peggy Davis to be a perfect fit. She did the following email interview with us and there are some really gorgeous images to see as well. Definitely worth taking a look.

For details CLICK HERE


Wyatt is in grade one and already is a Puzzle Master. Check out his video.

There is a little boy who loves jigsaw puzzles. His name is Wyatt Evans and he calls himself a Puzzle Master - justifiably so!  He is only in Grade One. I have been watching him for about a year now and he is extremely impressive. Actually he can do jigsaw puzzles faster than me. He's certainly a wiz-kid and a real treat to watch.

Check out his video ...CLICK HERE


What is a Quizzle jigsaw puzzle?

The Quizzles jigsaw puzzles "History of the World" is the first of this kind I have ever seen or assembled. I am not sure how it ended up in Canada as it is a product of Australia however I was pleasantly surprised with the entertainment associated with the puzzle content. It's a great way to refresh history.



Puzzled About Everything - Who is Monica Marlett?

Monica Marlett is Puzzled About Everything on Instagram  and we don't blame her these days. But that is not what Monica is about. Being Puzzled About Everything is associated with jigsaw puzzles. She is proof that life does not stop at 50 or in a pandemic!

 We had a chance to have a chat with her. CLICK HERE


Here's a Q&A interview with WerkShoppe Puzzle Company.

This Company opened during the start of COVID and the business has upscaled very quickly with their choice of images. When you see their Artists images you may agree. We did a Q&A email interview with them to get the backend story.

To read the interview CLICK HERE

Every Friday I will be writing about my jigsaw puzzle journey in the 'Get It Together Piece By Peace' Journal.

Entry #1 is about my childhood memories of jigsaw puzzles. To read the Journal Entry CLICK HERE

You can also buy the blank journal to write your own jigsaw puzzle journey and/or experiences. It can also be used as a mindful journal to write down your thoughts or troubles as another form of wellness along with the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles. 

Halloween images are on sale here and some other puzzles are 50% off.

Bits & Pieces (USA) has a huge selection of jigsaw puzzles that have reduced prices. Some of the sales are more than 50% off and Halloween images are on sale too!

To check it out, CLICK HERE


Peanut, Charlie Brown, Snoopy Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery Page. Here you will find: 

  • Peanuts jigsaw puzzles reviews 
  • A gallery of assembled puzzles by various Puzzlers 
  • Resources to find up-to-date and vintage puzzles
  • 'To Do' List
  • Peanuts Amazon Store Link 40+ puzzles

 For more details CLICK HERE


The most beautiful fantasy artwork is by this Artist.

Meet Rose Cat Khan in our email interview.

If you are an artist, you may find her journey interesting.

If you are a puzzler, you may enjoy having one of her jigsaw puzzles in your collection.

To read about Rose CLICK HERE



This Puzzler became a V.I.P.

I approached Tammi back in 2016 and had asked her if she would be interested in being a VIP- Very Important Puzzler for the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. She would assemble and review the Rainbow Collection, seven puzzles in total. Tammi was delighted to take on the challenge. She was also gracious enough to send us the following photos and comments about her puzzle adventures. Tammi included a few photos of her furry friends as well!!

To read more CLICK HERE


This Museum / Store Display is a MUST SEE! 

There's fantastic store display jigsaw puzzles at the Antiques and Collectables in Heritage Park, Calgary, AB, Canada. It's an amazing place to visit while on vacation. The Park is so huge that it's best to get a weekend pass because there's tons of interesting things to see and to.  A perfect family entertainment outing for the weekend.

To check it out...CLICK HERE

Registration for Nationals is due Saturday!
We've still got some pair and team spots available at the USA Jigsaw Nationals event in San Diego, but it's filling up. Sign up today to compete and/or get a convention pass and be part of the fun! If we fill up the teams division, Cobble Hill is providing a special gift to all team members. Email us at with questions and sign up here for help to find a pair partner or teammates. Registration has been extended through September 17th!


 See why @puzzle_canopy has over 13K followers!

Klodya Tremblay or puzzle_canopy is a social media influencer and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. What makes her stand out is how she delivers her images on her Facebook page and Instagram. She displays them in the most unique way and has taken her puzzle photos in a lot of different places. We caught up with Klodya and asked her to share her Instagram puzzling experiences with us.

To read more CLICK HERE


Have you searched for Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles to see their new images?

There's some fantastic jigsaw puzzle images at this Company. "Cloudberries is a UK-based company creating fun, design-led jigsaw puzzles especially for adults. We aim to go beyond the usual boring designs and offer the kind of cool, handsome puzzles that you’ll want to hang on your wall."

To read more CLICK HERE



Q & A Interview with Lori Schory

Not only is her artwork attractive and colorful but extremely popular among many jigsaw puzzlers too.

We had an opportunity to do an email interview with her plus gathered many wonderful images.

To see and read the interview CLICK HERE


I am not a photographer so these tips to take jigsaw puzzle photos listed here have been researched from the internet.

Also what works in one 'condition' may not in another situation. It will be up to you to try different ideas, lighting and angles to get the best non-glare image.  Here's how I take my photos which are not professional by any means but semi-acceptable.

To continue reading...CLICK HERE


Replace that missing piece or have one repaired at

"Lisa Lee has recently re-discovered her passion for puzzles and quickly realized there was missing pieces. With her artistic skills, she recreated the damaged or missing pieces. That led to realizing there is a need for others who want to have their missing pieces replaced. That has led to meeting wonderful puzzlers who have contacted her for missing pieces or repairs for their pieces."

To watch her VERY interesting video CLICK HERE

Have you tried using 'Peel & Stick' Glue Sheets instead of gluing your jigsaw puzzle?

I have never glued a puzzle and I have had over 20 on the wall. I do use wide clear packing tape on the backs because  it can be removed easier with a blow dryer. However, for smaller puzzles or shaped puzzles, I will use the ''Peel & Stick' Glue Sheets so I can cut the puzzle shape easily by tracing the boarder right onto the Glue Sheet.

 Tips on How To Glue A Jigsaw Puzzle CLICK HERE


Use jigsaw puzzle pieces to make crafts. They can make wonderful, personalized gifts.

There are a variety of different ways to create crafts out of jigsaw puzzles pieces that have missing pieces  or damaged pieces. You can also do research by searching Google and looking at social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest  and videos on TikTok.

To see the crafts CLICK HERE


Looking for a place in the USA to swap your jigsaw puzzles? Over 700 members here.

Puzzle Swaps is a membership platform that is focused on swapping jigsaw puzzles in the USA. It is open to other countries but there are fewer members. This type of swapping works well if you can locate a Puzzler close to where you live for shipping purposes.

To check it out CLICK HERE


I located these Mintyfizz Puzzles and in no time at all, I realized that Kelly Poff was a perfect Puzzle-Preneur.

Wait till you see the puzzles she is producing and selling. AND even more importantly she is a Mom living her dream of raising her children while feeding her passion for art. Here's our interview... 


What's the differences between the grid/ribbon cut pieces and random cut pieces? 

This article is a discussion with respect to the differences between the grid/ribbon cut pieces and random cut pieces. It also includes a variety of tips regarding the types of cuts available on today's market.

To continue reading...CLICK HERE


See the following list of Jigsaw Puzzle Tracking Tools.  There is a variety of options to choose from:

  • Excel Spreadsheets / Google Sheets
  • Android APPs and/or iOS APPs
  • Online Platforms
  • Database
  • Paper Tracking Forms
  • Hardcopy Books

For links to these Tracking Tools CLICK HERE


Want to Volunteer at the USA Nationals and earn some free stuff?

Volunteer Shifts = Free Stuff
Sign up for a volunteer shift and earn our gratitude + some extras:

  • 1 shift = Free event t-shirt
  • 2 shifts = Get another ticket entered into a puzzle drawing for volunteers
  • 3 shifts = One free PuzzleTwist Speed Run puzzle

Have you seen the Springbok New Arrivals yet?

Springbok advertises "14 Spellbinding New Puzzles!" I can say they are 'big-time' colourful and seasonal with Halloween and Christmas included. I have seem more than one licensed through another puzzle company but that's not uncommon these days. 

To view the New Arrival CLICK HERE


FREE - Play online jigsaw puzzles. 

Have you tried playing online jigsaw puzzles? It's kinda neat and brings the joy of puzzling when traditional board puzzles are not available. We've put together over 30 images at this time. They are all originals and will continue to add more. Each puzzle opens in it's own page.

To check this fun activity out CLICK HERE


Author, Anne D. Williams had more than 10,000 jigsaw puzzles!

That's right - and she wrote 2 books.  Anne is a  Jigsaw Puzzle Historian and she is the Author of two books:

1. The Jigsaw Puzzle Book, Piecing Together A History

2. Jigsaw Puzzles An Illustrated History & Price Guide

To read more about Anne CLICK HERE


Did you know the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association holds a list of Events that are not hosted by USAJPA?

If you are interested in seeing what is upcoming and/or what the past Events were, USAJPA shares an ongoing List. Some of the events are online to attend virtually and some are 'live' with complete details and information.

Looking for a Worldwide Jigsaw Puzzle Community? Check out this 'loaded' community. 

If you are looking for an 'all-in-one' jigsaw puzzle community this is a great place to start. There is the Events List, Puzzle List and Post List. You can check out the Buy/Sell sections or add your own post with interesting puzzle stories.

For more details CLICK HERE


This Lady discovers the power of the puzzle. 

She is one of many who has shared her story with us. It's amazing how people describe their first experiences as they  reap the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles. Those who puzzle often may not even realize the advantages they have  become accustomed to. 'Newbies' are often surprised at these new benefits.

Ronnie is one of those new puzzlers who can put her experience into words. To read her story CLICK HERE


No-Glue-Method for jigsaw puzzles. Have you tried this?

We have been using this 'no-glue' method from the first puzzle we mounted on the wall. I have never glued a jigsaw puzzle. That said, there is a video presented by 'Mother Puzzle' (Vee Petersen) and then step by step instructions to follow the procedure we used. It's really quite simple.

For the details CLICK HERE


Tips to buy previously loved at low prices.

We know that the price of brand new puzzles has increased over the past few years but there are several options for 'finding' brand-new-sealed puzzles too. We have put a list together because we have located a lot of new and/or previously loved puzzles that is bound to fit your budget where we shop. 

To read more details CLICK HERE


This is the first time I have seen this 42,000 piece puzzle assembled.

Brand: Educa, Title: Around The World,  Size: 295" x 62".  It sure does look like a terrific image. It's still quite expensive too.

Take a quick peek at this video CLICK HERE


Have you seen the most current World's Largest jigsaw puzzle?

54000 PIECES  by GRAFIKA titled TRAVEL AROUND ART! The Number of pieces: 54,000. The Size is 864 x 204 cm. It contains 27 numbered and labeled bags, with 2000 pieces. (Not confirmed. Information from Cronicas Puzzleras website) 

To see the image and for more information CLICK HERE

Do you use the colour codes to assist with assembling a difficult image?

Sometimes you will see jigsaw puzzles with colour on the back of the pieces. Or it could be letters or it could even be directional arrows. Some Puzzle Companies will add this little extra to assist the Puzzler with difficult images or simply to help improve the Puzzler's experience. Their marketing strategy could be - "Work smarter, not harder".

For an example of colour codes CLICK HERE


9 Famous people who puzzle - do you know who they are? 

Here's an interesting article on well known people who also have been labelled Dissectologists or simply put, jigsaw puzzlers. For sure I know four of them.

To read the article CLICK HERE


A full-human-size costume made of jigsaw puzzle pieces  - you gotta see this!

This is a very creative idea for a costume and the end result is actually stunning. The sewing pattern turned out perfect and overall a very impressive idea.

To view the video CLICK HERE 

100 wood pieces 2" x 2.5 nano puzzles were entered into the Guinness World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle Record.

I actually have 2 of these Escher jigsaw puzzles in my collection since 1990. To see what they look like CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for the Guinness World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles link. 


MasterPieces has a terrific sale price on these jigsaw puzzles right now.  

HUGE clearance sale!

Some of the prices are more than 50% off at MasterPieces on this page link:

MasterPieces Jigsaw Puzzles on Sale 

How long does a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle take?

If you are curious what the puzzle companies think a 1000-piece puzzle should take, it' likely not what you think the answer is. Cloudberries shares their ideas on what they think is relatively close to a timeline for 1000 pieces. They also share other tips in the article too.

To read their answer CLICK HERE


Free Summer Reading Online Puzzle Hobby Magazine

We've got all 6 Puzzle Hobby Magazines listed on one page. Readable as a Flipbook or a video.  Makes for nice light reading during a vacation!

Ready to read? Be sure to save the link so you can come back anytime:  CLICK HERE

31 Reviews - Summer Selection of Jigsaw Puzzles

It's Summertime and less puzzling tends to happen when the great outdoors is calling us for fresh air. It's also easier to do some catchup reading while vacationing. Now is a good time to check out some jigsaw puzzle reviews that will help prepare you for the upcoming seasons.

To see the full list of 31 reviews CLICK HERE


It takes 600+ hours to assemble this jigsaw puzzle.

Ravensburger, Disney Memorable Moments  - Pieces: 40,320, Size: 22.3' x 6.2', Area: nearly 140 square feet, Weight: approx. 44 lbs. - Estimated Completion Time: About 600 Hours

To see the full review and how one puzzler assembled it CLICK HERE

TIPS - Buying Lamps For Jigsaw Puzzling

  • Determine if bulbs are replaceable
  • Look for simple settings that are easy to change
  • If possible, test how well the 'neck' moves for 'non-tipping' issues
  • Be mindful of the heat intensity if using lamps close up
  • Will the electrical cord be long enough or will you require an extension cord?
  • Look for light bulbs with 100 watt standard bulb (equivalent of 13W-18W in LED terms)

For more information on lamps and lights CLICK HERE


Have you seen this 3000 piece Metamorphose jigsaw puzzle?

This Dutch Artist M. C. Escher's Metamorphose, 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle has a finished size of 8.5 inches x 159 inches (or 19.2 by 389.5 centimetres). It is often appreciated by many jigsaw puzzle hobbyists. It was produced in Milano, Italy by Selegiochi.

To see the review CLICK HERE

Watch the future of jigsaw puzzles in this video - should be interesting! 

This VR or Virtual Reality is really storming stateside but is far more popular in the advanced Eastern side of our world. It is similar to that of online jigsaw puzzles however these VR puzzles are full 3D images as they get assembled. Will you get into VR?

To see what that looks like CLICK HERE

Here's a story of a Mother and Daughter puzzling together.

There are many puzzlers who enjoy having an opportunity to puzzle with a family member and it's especially wonderful when it can be a daughter and Mom team. Sherri Demos and her Mom have been puzzling every opportunity they get when its visiting time.  

To read about how they do their puzzling strategy as they assemble the same puzzle CLICK HERE

50 of the Hardest Jigsaw Puzzles listed here.

The Bored Panda posts out '50 of the hardest jigsaw puzzles that are so entertaining to start, yet so difficult to finish'. I have accomplished only one of them tilted KRYPT.

To see the list, CLICK HERE

VIDEO 'live' demo - 3D Earth 540 plastic pieces 

This Ravensburger 3D jigsaw puzzle was on the wish list for years. Now there is a full assembly process and review including a video with a 'live' demonstration of the assembled product.

To see how it all came together, CLICK HERE

Did you see the real Puzzle Barn and the real Puzzle Barn Puzzle? 

The Puzzle Barn is an actual puzzle AND an actual barn with puzzles inside where people swap puzzles in Boston, New York. It's become a little 'go to' place for Puzzlers visiting the area.

For more information CLICK HERE


5 Cobble Hill Family Size Graduated 350 Pieces reviews.

The Company continuously adds new images to this puzzle type and they are quite popular around Christmas time. The quality of the pieces are very durable as younger children will be handling them.

To read our reveiws and more images CLICK HERE


JaCaRou has 30% off damaged box SALE!

I just noticed that JaCaRou jigsaw puzzles has a page on their website that has 30% off the prices. These are on sale due to the box being dented or damaged. Often the puzzle pieces are not damaged on the inside.

It's worth taking a look. CLICK HERE


WOW! This Puzzler made me a letter "L" puzzle!

I want to sincerely thank my jigsaw puzzler friend Antônia Sobral from Brazil who was so thoughtful to create, produce and then send me this jigsaw puzzle treasure - I am deeply touched and grateful for our connection. She is currently working on some new products coming soon.

To see how she does it CLICK HERE



FREE - Play online jigsaw puzzles. 

Have you tried playing online jigsaw puzzles? It's kinda neat and brings the joy of puzzling when traditional board puzzles are not available. We've put together over 30 images at this time. They are all originals and will continue to add more. Each puzzle opens in it's own page.

To check this fun activity out CLICK HERE



VIDEO - A room/wall filled with framed jigsaw puzzles....

This Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group Member, Lisa Cohen (Puzzle Queen) shares a video that displays her huge collection of assembled jigsaw puzzles, most of which are framed on her walls and some on the floor - it's quite the achievement worth seeing. 

To see it you must have a Facebook account: CLICK HERE


Foam Poster Boards are perfect for most 1000 piece puzzles because they are 20" x 30". 

Not all puzzles will measure that but you can cut to modify 2 boards to accommodate the size you want. In the article for Jigsaw Puzzle Tables and Boards (scroll down) you will see 2 examples of how we custom cut/taped foam boards to fit the puzzle measurements.

CLICK HERE for those details. 


Puzzle Club - Sunday, July 31st, 3-5pm CST

Open to members and non-members this month! - Login to our online Gather space ( to talk about the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship and do some casual puzzling.

NOTE: The deadline for signing up for the Nationals is September 10, 2022.

For more details CLICK HERE


Ravensburger has a NEW Flintstone 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle out. Stock is low already! CLICK HERE

They also have other new images inspired by Harry Potter, Scooby do and more. For details CLICK HERE 


I could not finish this M&M puzzle. 

I got this M&M jigsaw puzzle for $1.00 at the Thrift Store and I LOVE eating those M&M's. I don't eat them anymore but back in the day, I ate a LOT! So being a fan of that candy, what a better puzzle than this one. BUT, I couldn't finish it because.....

Read more... CLICK HERE

What does $500 worth of fun look like? The review is in.

The LEGO Grand Piano is completed and looks tremendous in. all its glory. This was such a fun project to assemble and I reviewed it in a same manner as a jigsaw puzzle. The review shares a 'live' working in action video with a comprehensive process including a Flipbook of the review, 3 videos and numerous images.

To see the review CLICK HERE


This Puzzler has approximately 3800 cat jigsaw puzzles!

Yes it's true. We have a short story about a jigsaw puzzlers who decided to have her collection of jigsaw puzzles  to be images of cats. We know there is endless cat image and we have 7 reviews below.

To check out the our story CLICK HERE 

Want to see some funky jigsaw puzzle cell phone cases?

When you click on the following link, you will see a selection of cell phone cases but also scroll further down the page for even more jigsaw puzzle swag! Keep in mind they are a tad pricey but make great gifts!

You can view them by CLICKING HERE

Selling jigsaw puzzle on Facebook Marketplace.

Have you tried selling your used jigsaw puzzle on the Facebook Marketplace? I have and been quite successful at it because I can get paid electronically and do curb site pickup. I also have the advantage of seeing who the buyer is using their Facebook Profile page.  We also have an example of a Mother/Daughter team who sell their puzzles through Facebook too.

See how Marieve sells their jigsaw puzzles CLICK HERE


Have you seen the Archie Jigsaw Puzzle Series? 

There are four jigsaw puzzles in this Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. We have assembled and reviewed all of them. So love that they chose to use the Classic era images versus the newer version.

To read the reviews and for more information CLICK HERE

Treat your puzzling experience with any of the Grateful House ultra-fine products and puzzles.

We have written reviews on their trays, mats and puzzles, all of which maintain a very high standard of quality. Each puzzle comes with a puzzle-size poster, a reusable zipper canvas bag and complimentary mail-post-blank card to send to a friend.

To see more CLICK HERE


The USA National Jigsaw Puzzle Convention is now open for public registration.

Friday, October 21, 2022 to Sunday, October 23, 2022. Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, 901 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, California 9210

For more information CLICK HERE

Here's a Q & A interview with Artist Greg Giordano, with 25 years of experience, whose artwork goes way beyond jigsaw puzzles. 

Greg's artwork captures the finest details and colours that nature offers. That certainly makes for perfect jigsaw puzzles images.  His Father, Joe and Brother, Robert of Giordano Studios are also Artists.

For the full interview CLICK HERE

FREE 90-Page Tips and Tricks Guide for Jigsaw Puzzles. Jumpstart your jigsaw puzzle hobby.

If you are new to taking up this hobby, our Guide is filled with ideas you may not have thought about. IF you are a seasoned puzzlers, there is likely some new information to read about.

To open the Tips and Tricks for Jigsaw Puzzles Guide CLICK HERE

Have you seen the 'Worlds Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Marketplace'? They mention millions? See how they do it.

Pixel Puzzles has a platform that can process an Artist's images into jigsaw puzzles that can be packaged and purchased right on their website. That is not all though. They can also setup a website, emails etc and sell other merchandise. No wonder they can stake their claim!

For more information CLICK HERE


We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE


Have you seen the Earth, Air, Water, Fire Element Series?

The Earth, Air, Water, Fire puzzles are all part of the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company Element Series. Each are 1000 pieces each and they are still available for purchase.

You may read the reviews here at these links: Earth Air Fire Water

There's a Jigsaw Puzzle Price Guide in this article.

If you want to know the value of your 'aged' jigsaw puzzle,  Anne. D. Williams'  - "Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide" can assist you with your search.

For more information and book review CLICK HERE

How to count jigsaw puzzles pieces...

There are a few ways to count jigsaw puzzles pieces however none will confirm if all the pieces are there. The only way to know IF any pieces are missing is to assemble it. Even manufacturers cannot guarantee that all the pieces will be there.

For more information and details on counting puzzles pieces CLICK HERE


Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzle eMail interview.

Earlier this year we had an email interview with Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. If you think you have the 'perfect' puzzle image, there's information on the process that the company follows and they are continuously looking for new ones.

We learned some interesting details about the company's workings and inside the 'back office'. For more information  CLICK HERE

What's this JPiC video all about?

Check out this interview with one of the Founder of the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention held in Las Vegas this past weekend, July 8, 9 and 10.  CBC Radio

There's more to see on the JPiC Facebook Page.

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention Facebook Page

*NEW - The first USA Jigsaw Puzzle Nationals!

The USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association is hosting its first-ever, in-person national championship, sponsored by Ravensburger! Start planning now and be ready to sign up on July 11 when registration opens. Space is limited.

For more details CLICK HERE

*What's the secret to jigsaw puzzling?

There may not be a secret solution to solving jigsaw puzzles but the real secret is the benefits of using both sides of your brain while assembling them.  Health Science Research is producing more information on the advantages of using puzzling as a tool to cope with mental wellness.

For more information, CLICK HERE


*Is a Jigsaw Puzzle Business doable? 

We have seen a Puzzler start from her very own created image and blossom it, along with more images, she has built an entire, successful, world-wide business in a matter of a couple of years - so yes, it is totally doable!

We have an article that covers how she did it and more information along with books to give you a great start. CLICK HERE

*TIP: Don't even try to do the border first on these jigsaw puzzles. 

When assembling a shaped jigsaw puzzle, it can be tricky to determine the edge border pieces and even more testier to attempt assembling the border. So work from the larger details and/or colours.

There are over 45 shaped, assembled images in our Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery for viewing. CLICK HERE

*What is the most popular Disney jigsaw puzzles purchased?

We have found in our statistics that the Disney Villainous jigsaw puzzle series are the most continuously purchased. For more information and a video of how the Villainous game is played CLICK HERE

There is also a list of  Disney Villainous jigsaw puzzles on that page too.


We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE

*Looking for some light jigsaw puzzle humour and jokes?


This Pinterest Page has a plethora of puzzle funnies CLICK HERE

*Planning on being in Massachusetts this July? Maybe check out this event...


Note: you must be registered and vaccinated to attend. For more information CLICK HERE

*Have you planned your Summer vacation yet?


This event will be a huge attraction with many exciting activities. There will be a lot of entertainment and prizes. They have joined up with Metaverse which is the latest venture into the future. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

*Want to replace a missing jigsaw puzzle piece?

Here are 4 methods to replace missing jigsaw puzzles pieces. One method has tips for Do It Yourself (DIY).

For more information CLICK HERE

I REALLY like this resource for those in need of jigsaw puzzles for their Elders.   

Here's a link for  jigsaw puzzles focused on Seniors with Dementia, Alzheimer's or Elders with sensitive hands. Puzzles range from 13 to 100 pieces, which are perfect for every stage of dementia.

Also, I really like how convenient these little packages are because they are compact and take very little space. For more information CLICK HERE

*How to avoid choosing difficult jigsaw puzzles images.

You can use these 14 Tips when purchasing a new jigsaw puzzle but want to avoid assembling difficult jigsaw puzzles especially if you are a newbie.

To see the list CLICK HERE

*You can pour water on this jigsaw puzzle  ;)

Yes, these Pintoo plastic vases are actually jigsaw puzzles. Once assembled, you insert a plastic container that sits on the bottom of the vase for water and fresh flowers.

For the assembly process and images with flowers in the vase CLICK HERE

*Have you ever tired 'Color Me' jigsaw puzzles? I have one to show you...

Try Color-Me jigsaw puzzles if you enjoy coloring as a hobby too. These make excellent gifts. A frame really enhances them too.

You can locate a review on the Mandala Color Me jigsaw puzzle - CLICK HERE

*Here's a Tip of the Day for shoppers!

Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle have a Summer  going on until July 31st. There is 20% off selected puzzles, 15% off Personalized puzzles and 10% off their 2022 Collection. 

You might like to try their simple process for personalized puzzles. I did and I was very pleased with how easily they had made my purchase happen and delivery was in a timely manner. Makes for a great Christmas gift too!


We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE

*Did you know there is a mathematics to solve jigsaw puzzles?...


This is a long, technical read with some very intriguing points he has made so well worth it. CLICK HERE

*This trick works for some jigsaw puzzle companies but not all of them.


This trick works especially well if your puzzle has an extremely challenging image. You could opt to follow the pattern on your previous puzzle image IF the cut is the same.  Some cuts are SO similar so it could still be helpful. 

*Here's a way to remove puzzle dust quickly from the pieces...


*Use your computer screen or technical device.....


This works particularly well for very busy images, puzzles that are photos and not true colours OR the Company logo covers an area over the front box image.

*Here's a top trick for assembling larger jigsaw puzzles. 


Often jigsaw puzzles that are larger than 2000 pieces will have a pattern cut that repeats itself.  For example: 4000 pieces may have a repetitive pattern every 500 pieces or a 2000 piece cut may be made up of 2 - 1000 pieces pattern. 

*Our Number One Tip for jigsaw puzzlers is.... 


Most puzzlers do not expect that a sealed jigsaw puzzle can/should have any missing pieces but they can and they do. IF -  your NEW puzzle is missing a piece, please do not hesitate to contact the Company as often they will compensate you with the missing piece/puzzle or a replacement puzzle.

Shopping for jigsaw puzzles?....


Use our Amazon store link for quick access to all your jigsaw puzzle shopping needs. It's great for comparison shopping to other online stores. Plus Amazon provides free and returns IF your item qualifies. Note: you'll need to have Amazon Prime for free shipping. For more info CLICK HERE

Are you are looking for some unique gifts... ?


TRI-M does ship international but always be mindful there could be duty, customs and/or taxes to be paid upon delivery. Also, I have heard that even some credit cards will have extra charges for currency exchanges. 


We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands for Adults

We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE

Sunsout Wolf jigsaw puzzles

Call of the Night a 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Sunsout Inc.Call of the Night a 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Sunsout Inc.
Snow Wolf 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOutSnow Wolf 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOut
Too Close for Comfort 500 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOutToo Close for Comfort 500 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOut