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The following is a work-in-progress sitemap. There's approximately 485 page links so far and it is not complete. We intend to organize the pages into Groups. In the meantime, feel free to browse the content here. 

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby 
    Search, research the best jigsaw puzzle brands, lights, tables, missing pieces and more. Updates on news, events, products and reviews.
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  3. 100 Jigsaw Puzzle FAQs - General, Health Related, Tips and Buying 
    Top 100 Jigsaw Puzzle FAQs - General, Health Related, Tips and Buying
  4. Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands 
    What are the top quality, best jigsaw puzzle brands for adults in 2022? See Comparison With Linked Examples, JaCaRou Puzzles, Cobble Hills Jigsaw Puzzle Company, Eurographics, Ravensburger, Springbok.
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables 
    Looks like you are interested in jigsaw puzzle boards tables. We have shared a few different types here.
  6. How to Glue Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Steps on how to glue jigsaw puzzles. Should I glue my jigsaw puzzle? How to mount a jigsaw puzzle without glue?
  7. No Glue Method Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Read this no glue method jigsaw puzzle article for a non-traditional option. It will preserve your puzzle for years.
  8. Jigsaw Puzzle Size 
    Decide which jigsaw puzzle size you want. You will need to determine if that means the size in number of pieces or measurements.
  9. Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    You are about to enter into a jigsaw puzzle gallery that is sure to astonish your mind’s eye. Browse the various Gallery Rooms for the latest images.
  10. Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights 
    Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps for your assembly table? Read reviews about lights to use and most commonly purchased by puzzlers.
  11. Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog 
    The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the puzzlehobby.com website. Subscribe here.
  12. There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces 
    This book, There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces, written by Linda Richard is packed with topics of interest for the novice and seasoned puzzlers.
  13. Puzzle Hobby Store 
    Welcome to the Puzzle Hobby Store. Looking for a jigsaw puzzle gift that is different or creative?
  14. Jigsaw Puzzle Freebies 
    Keep a track record of all the jigsaw puzzles you have in your hobby or assembled. Download these and other sheets for free.
  15. General Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The general jigsaw puzzle link page lists topics in categories for further resources and research. Please notify us if a like is broken.
  16. Here's way to contact us. 
  17. Jigsaw Puzzle Social Media Network 
    Join in the Jigsaw Puzzle Social Media Network. It includes Facebook jigsaw puzzle Groups, Pages, activities posted right here on PuzzleHobby.com
  18. Piece Together Big Jigsaw Puzzle Savings: Discounts-Coupons-Giveaways 
    Looking for great deals on jigsaw puzzles? Look no further! Get discounts, coupons, and even free puzzles with exciting giveaways. Start saving today!
  19. Do Jigsaw Puzzles For Mental Wellness 
    Reap the rewards of a jigsaw puzzle hobby for your mental wellness. Studies show that using jigsaw puzzles as a non-medicated tool may improve your health by reducing stress and anxiety.
  20. Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 
    Here's how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. With technology today it is getting so much easier.
  21. Villainous Puzzles 
    Villainous Puzzles are produced by Ravensburger and based on the game and film by Disney. There are six in the Series.
  22. Jigsaw Puzzle News 
    Read the latest jigsaw puzzle news. Got news? Contact us or upload your news and photos on this page.
  23. Cobble-Hill-Puzzles Interview 
    Cobble Hill Puzzles interview shares an inside look at how jigsaw puzzles are created, produced and how artwork is picked for production.
  24. Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle List 
    This article has links to a very extensive Springbok jigsaw puzzle list available in 42 pages of PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.
  25. The Jigsaw Puzzle Book 
    It is my pleasure to write this review of Anne D. William’s The Jigsaw Puzzle Book. It was like having a very long conversation with another hobbyist.
  26. Anne D. Williams Jigsaw Puzzle Price Guide 
    Anne D. Williams jigsaw puzzle price guide provides in depth historical value and information.
  27. The Puzzler Book 
    New release, The Puzzler book by A.J. Jacobs is available April 26th. Look forward to reading my review coming soon.
  28. Shop Best Brand Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Shop Best Brand Jigsaw Puzzles on this website page in categories and numbers of pieces.
  29. Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Take a look at our Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery. Have your ever tried shaped jigsaw puzzles? First tip-don't start with the border.
  30. Grateful House puzzle mats 
    The quality of the Grateful House puzzle mats is superb and perfectly packaged to keep your puzzle pieces safe and in place.
  31. Puzzle Scoop 
    The Puzzle Scoop is new to me and I am very pleased with this little jigsaw puzzle tool.
  32. Poster Box Lid Stand 
    If you are looking for a poster box lid stand then you can take a look at what PuzzlePeak.com has produced here.
  33. Jigsaw Puzzle Olympics 2022 
    The Jigsaw Puzzle Olympics 2022 is ready for registration in the Facebook Group so you can join now!
  34. Jigsaw Puzzle Events 
    Check here regularly for Jigsaw Puzzle Events - Got an Event? Submit details here.
  35. Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews 
    Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews shares links to all Puzzle-Hobby's assembled puzzles with in depth details and photos.
  36. USA.org Membership 
    Have you joined the USA.org Membership? Check it out to see what events or activities you are missing.
  37. A Puzzle Community 
    A Puzzle Community is a terrific world wide resource for jigsaw puzzlers to become members.
  38. Puzzle Pal Choice Awards 
    Join the voting in the Puzzle Pal Choice Awards. It will be the 3rd annual event this upcoming January 2023. Learn more.
  39. Groups and Memberships 
    Here is a list of different jigsaw puzzle Groups and Memberships if you are interested.
  40. Jigsaw Puzzle Artists 
    Do you pick your jigsaw puzzles by a particular artist or by the image by itself. Here is a series of artist with links. Come back to read about more Artist’s work sold as jigsaw puzzles as this page get updated.
  41. JaCaRou Jigsaw Puzzles 
    JaCaRou Jigsaw Puzzles introduces new artists along with Anie Maltais originals and a new line of Diamond Dot images.
  42. Lori Schory Artist Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Artist Lori Schory's jigsaw puzzles are very attractive in color and images. Read our fantastic interview in this article.
  43. Puzzle Tips Tricks 
    This Puzzle Tips Tricks booklet is filled with 90 pages of information covering most jigsaw puzzle questions.
  44. Hobbyist's Collections 
    Explore stunning collections that reveals these Hobbyists favourite jigsaw puzzles with a personal touch. Most enthusiasts take pride in their galleries and are very proud to share their displays.
  45. Reviews 
    Looking for a particular jigsaw puzzle review on a brand or type? What kind of customer service do Companies provide? Should you tell them your puzzle is missing a piece?
  46. Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Today’s kids jigsaw puzzles gives parents way too many choices. You can read the child’s general guide here along with other reviews and information.
  47. Food Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Mmmmm, food jigsaw puzzles are the best ever! They are colourful, look delicious and way too many to choose from.
  48. Landscape Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Take a look at some of the best nature landscapes presented in jigsaw puzzle images. There are so many to be desired.
  49. 3D Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Add a 3D division to your jigsaw puzzle hobby because of the amazing variety available. Take a look at the ones I have reviewed.
  50. Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    Many horse lovers will appreciate some of these jigsaw puzzles. Artists, photographers and digital artists all add alluring images to this hobby.
  51. Buildings Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    Do you have any buildings in your jigsaw puzzle hobby? Castles are one of my most favorite images to assemble.
  52. The Jigsaw Puzzle Book Gallery 
    In the jigsaw puzzle book gallery you can locate links related to research on the history or value and other topics of interest for jigsaw puzzles.
  53. Cobble Hill Farm Jigsaw Puzzle 
    I received a complimentary Cobble Hill Farm jigsaw puzzle in return for a review. The quality is similar to the top brands.
  54. Artist Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    Are you looking for a particular artist or would you just like to browse the artist jigsaw puzzle gallery? Come back to see as there will be continued updates.
  55. Jigsaw Puzzle Brands Gallery 
    How do you know when you are buying a jigsaw puzzle if it is a good brand? It helps to do a little research first. You can find your answers here.
  56. Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Have you tried the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzles or impossibles? There are actually people who do complete them.
  57. Vintage Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    So how are jigsaw puzzles determined as vintage? Find the answer here and check out some of these ones.
  58. Animal Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    See the animal jigsaw puzzles gallery for a 2000 piece FX Schmid Bengal Tigers, horses and other related images.
  59. Birds Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Bird jigsaw puzzles are some of the most beautiful images I have seen. I have had the pleasure to see so many completed.
  60. Flowers Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Flowers make the best jigsaw puzzles. They have colour combinations and blends of beauty in an endless supply.
  61. Seasons Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    When it comes to jigsaw puzzles and whatever your favorite season is, be it winter, spring, summer or fall, you can be sure the choices will be plenty.
  62. Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    Celebrations are so fun when you can enjoy holiday jigsaw puzzles during the events of day. Hobbyists will plan ahead for these holidays well in advance.
  63. Largest Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    What is the biggest jigsaw puzzle in world for 2016? It’s Unforgettable Moments Disney Ravensburger 40320 pieces. But check out this list too.
  64. Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles 
    The world’s smallest jigsaw puzzles require a lot of patience and are not as common as the world’s largest. Check out this list.
  65. Nature Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Mother nature gifts us with an endless supply of jigsaw puzzle images. Some of the more alluring ones are about animals.
  66. Cats Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    Some of the best jigsaw puzzles relate to our very own cats. Pets are great company while we spend endless hours doing our hobby.
  67. Themes Series Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    To Disney, to Coke, to Artists, to shapes, you can buy themes or series in jigsaw puzzle images for your hobby collection.
  68. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Here’s more Christmas jigsaw puzzles to view. From boards, to wood, to 3D and any other unique ones I can find!
  69. Maps Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    I have known some jigsaw puzzles hobbyists collection of world maps. You may be surprised at the variety that is available.
  70. Mountains Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    Mountains scenes can make it challenging to solve jigsaw puzzles. They produce fascinating background images of similar shades and colours.
  71. People Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Artists can get creative with people in jigsaw puzzles from famous actors to kids playing. Portraits make great conversations when seen on the wall.
  72. Colors Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    The jigsaw puzzles being produced these days use just colors as the topic or theme. They offer radiance to gradients and beauty to the eyes of the beholder.
  73. Space Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Space jigsaw puzzles tend to be darker colors and darker colors are more challenging. However, there are some stunning images to be assembled.
  74. Water Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Water jigsaw puzzles can be daunting because they are often combined with sky. That means a lot of blue.
  75. Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    So many beautiful butterfly jigsaw puzzles. And now that Artists are aided with digital enhancements we are presented with splendid colors.
  76. Framed Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    Have you seen framed jigsaw puzzles? You will be surprised how enhanced your image looks in a frame.
  77. Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book 
    The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book is sized at 6" x 9" in a soft cover with 155 pages to log about 150 jigsaw puzzles.
  78. BePuzzled Jigsaw Puzzle Record Book 
    The BePuzzled Jigsaw Puzzle Record Book is a handy little booklet for your record keeping with lots of details.
  79. Puzzle Hobby Magazine 
    Enjoy the Puzzle Hobby Magazine. We bring you plenty of easy and entertaining stories and muses each month online with 'live' interactive links.
  80. About Me 
    What are the traits of a Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist? You’ll soon read all about that because I am one of the most compassionate, committed and enthusiastic jigsaw puzzler you may ever get to know.
  81. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions 
    Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions
  82. New York City Window Puzzle 
    The 32000 New York City Window Puzzle by Ravensburger displayed on the wall in all its glory. Plenty of images to desire.
  83. To Kill A Dying Man Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Clue by Parker Brothers, To Kill a Dying Man jigsaw puzzle is the first I have done in a mystery series. Read more here.
  84. World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles Cats Edition 
    What does the Cats Edition of the World's Most Difficult jigsaw puzzle look like? Check it out here.
  85. Play Online Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Here's a chance to play online jigsaw puzzles with images we have uploaded.
  86. Pomegranate May Basket Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This is my very first Pomegranate jigsaw puzzle titled May Basket by Frank Lloyd in 300 pieces. Read the review here.
  87. Jigsaw Puzzle Jewellry 
    Check out this variety of ideas for jigsaw puzzle jewellry. This is a great resource for gift ideas.
  88. Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzles and the fastest 2000 piece puzzle I have assembled. Love it.
  89. Pixels Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Cloudberries sent me the Pixels jigsaw puzzle and I was thrilled with their product. I highly recommend it!
  90. Heart Shaped Puzzle 
    This Ravensburger Heart shaped puzzle is a 948 piece, 26.378"x26.378" (67 cmx 67cm) shaped heart by Ulrike Schneiders and part of the Collection Silhouette.
  91. Framed Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Looking for ideas on framed jigsaw puzzles or how to frame a puzzle? There's plenty here to give you a good idea.
  92. Puzzle Pieces Crafts 
    Crafts and ideas to recycle jigsaw puzzle pieces from puzzles that have too many missing pieces.
  93. Herd of Elephants Puzzle 
    The Herd of Elephants Puzzle looks amazing. It's 2000 pieces and measure approximately 54" x 19". Quite difficult too.
  94. Grid Ribbon Random Cut Pieces 
    Here's a brief article on Grid-Ribbon-Random-Cut Pieces that is a result of Puzzlers discussion. There is no 'hard rule' around this topic.
  95. JaCaRou 2 Cats A Fish and a Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle 
    JaCaRou has added more quality to the production of their jigsaw puzzles. The 2 Cats A Fish and A Mouse sent for review revealed 5 points instantly. Read on for the details.
  96. Catching Santa puzzle 
    There is a lot going on in this Catching Santa puzzle. Here's an extra fun Family size jigsaw puzzle to assemble during the holidays.
  97. How To Deal With Dust, Smoke and Mould Smells In Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Jigsaw Puzzlers have some tips here to help you deal with puzzle dust and smokey, mouldy smelling jigsaw puzzles.
  98. Gnarly Orb Puzzle 
    The Gnarly Orb puzzle image is known as Fractal Art by Adam Hoffman. It is 500 pieces and measures 20" x 28" with terrific quality.
  99. Musical Notes Puzzle 
    This Musical Notes Puzzle by Piatnik is 1000 pieces which measures 26.5" x 17.4". This was an extreme accomplishment!
  100. Crossroads Puzzle 
    The Crossroads puzzle by Cloudberries is meant for those who love a great challenge and very tiny details. See some 'details' in the article.
  101. Meadow Run Horses Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Puzzlebug jigsaw puzzle titled Meadow Run flew three feet in the air then rained down to the floor. All 500 pieces!
  102. Easter Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill Easter Eggs jigsaw puzzle is 1000 pieces of colourful and delightful patterns with a good cut and poster inside.
  103. Starry Night Puzzle 
    This Starry Night puzzle is reviewed by our Facebook Group Member, Sherri, who says, "My first experience with this brand was favorable."
  104. Sparkling Tree Jigsaw Puzzle 
    It's a Springbok, Sparkling Tree jigsaw puzzle at 500 pieces. It's shaped with glitter embedded on it. There is a video for closeups.
  105. Arctic Coming To Life Puzzle 
    Love this Arctic Coming To Life by Vermont Christmas. The artwork is very creative and the quality of the brand is great.
  106. The Village Toy Shop 
    Brand: White Mountain Puzzle Company Pieces: 1,000 Title: village Toy shop I only recently became a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast when we all started staying
  107. The Moon 
    Cobble Hills 2020 featured The Moon, 1,000 pieces. In the past couple of weeks I took the “out of this world,” experience. For all the folks in the
  108. Anu 
    Piatnik 1000 pieces
  109. Kaleido Butterflies Puzzle 
    Kaleido Butterflies puzzle from Mudpuppy is reviewed by our Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group Member, Sherri.
  110. Joy of Reading Puzzle 
    This Joy of Reading puzzle by Hennessy Puzzle Company has brought back many memories for out Group Member, Sherri.
  111. Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzle Gift 
    This year Mother's Day gift was a jigsaw puzzle at the very top of my wish list for three years. FInd out which one it is,
  112. Girls Best Friend Puzzle 
    Karmin's Girls Best Friend puzzle has a bit of a tricky border otherwise it is a delightful quick fix.
  113. How Do You Clean Puzzle Dust 
    Learn how to clean jigsaw puzzle dust with these tips and tricks using common household items such as a mini table vacuum cleaner, a strainer, lint roller, linen bag, compressed air, and a feather duster.
  114. Top 10 Disney Characters Available in Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Discover the top 10 most popular Disney characters available in jigsaw puzzles, from classic favorites to newer heroes and villains.
  115. 10 Types of Unusual and Unique Jigsaw Puzzles You Need to Try 
    Discover 10 types of unusual and unique jigsaw puzzles that will challenge and delight puzzle lovers of all ages.
  116. Top 10 Tips for Doing 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Learn the top 10 tips and strategies for doing 500 piece jigsaw puzzles. Perfect for adults and children alike.
  117. Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts for Adults 
    Looking for the perfect gift for a jigsaw puzzle-loving adult? Check out our guide to jigsaw puzzle gifts, featuring merchandise and favorite images.
  118. Jigsaw Puzzles and ADHD-Can They Help Improve Focus and Concentration? 
    This article explores the potential cognitive benefits of jigsaw puzzles for individuals with ADHD, including improved focus and concentration. Learn more about the therapy and how it may help those with ADHD.
  119. How To Count Puzzles Pieces 
    Want to know how to count puzzles pieces? The cut will determine how many. Here's some pointer to try.
  120. Used Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Where to find used jigsaw puzzles and buy previously loved ones cheap. Here's some ideas that won't break your budget.
  121. List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles 
    The List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles has a new 48000 pieces image by Grafika titled Travel Around The World added recently.
  122. Mathematics of Jigsaw Puzzles 
    The Mathematics of Jigsaw Puzzles is written Scott Davidson who is a retired Computer Scientist so he shares a logistic angle associated with jigsaw puzzles.
  123. Puzzle Brands 
    250 Puzzle Brands List - Use the submission form to add puzzle manufacturers.
  124. Jigsaw Puzzle Convention 
    There is an International Jigsaw Puzzle Convention going to happen in Las Vegas on July 8, 9 and 10 in 2022. There is so much to see!
  125. James Christensen Puzzles 
    James Christensen puzzles are very popular. He has such a phenomenal talent. Take a look at some of the images located here.
  126. MC Escher Shapes Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Discover the brilliant imagination of MC Escher shapes jigsaw puzzle. It's 40 pieces in shapes of a unique animals that connect together.
  127. Sitemap 
    Use the Puzzle Hobby Sitemap page to browse over 700 pages of content, images and information.
  128. Puzzle Hobby Sitemap 
    The Puzzle Hobby Sitemap page will help you search through over 375 pages of jigsaw puzzle related articles and stories.
  129. World Pieces Puzzle 
    This World Pieces puzzle unfortunately was missing a section of pieces as our Guest Writer, Roberta shares in her review.
  130. Jigsaw Puzzle Borders 
    There are jigsaw puzzle borders that are borderless. Then there are jigsaw puzzles with beautifully cut borders which can be tricky.
  131. Garfield Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Garfield jigsaw puzzle difficulty is rated as medium by our Guest Writer, Roberta. But who doesn't love this cat!
  132. Jigsaw Puzzle Artists 
    Name the jigsaw puzzle Artist. Then we will post their BIO with links. Option to do simple survey and add comments.
  133. Jelly Bean puzzle 
    The Jelly Bean puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberts. This one was just as fun as the Magical Box by the same Brand.
  134. JaCaRou Kids Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Try JaCaRou kids jigsaw puzzles this year for Christmas. I assembled this one for review and imagined what it would be like if I was a child.
  135. Night Owl JaCaRou Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Night Owl JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle colors are more outstanding than on the box plus it is also addictive. Quality is great.
  136. Zodiac JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle 
    This Zodiac JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle is one for the wall. Do not be discouraged by the dark colors. It's totally doable!
  137. JaCaRou Diamond Dots Pisces 
    Check out these JaCaRou Diamond Dots. The Pisces is my first diamond dots I have sampled. Since then I have done 4 more. Great quality and highly recommended.
  138. JaCaRou Leo the Lion Diamond Painting Kit 
    Presenting the JaCaRou, Leo the Lion, Diamond Painting Kit with many close up photos and a review. This is the 3rd one and I can highly recommend it.
  139. JaCaRou Puzzles Diamond Dots 
    JaCaRou Puzzles has extended its production to Diamond Paintings. This article shares both puzzles and a review on their Diamond Dots.
  140. Ideal Bookshelf Puzzle 
    This Galison Ideal Bookshelf puzzle is rated 'almost easy as pie' by our Guest Writer, Roberta.
  141. Ice Cream Cones Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Ice Cream Cones Collage Jigsaw Puzzle by Sure-lox is 300 extra large pieces and the quality is the best I have seen for this brand.
  142. Icing on the cake puzzle 
    This Icing on the cake puzzle by Springbok is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta has built her confidence with challenging puzzles.
  143. ByAllison Jigsaw Puzzle Trays 
    ByAllison Jigsaw Puzzle Trays are of the highest quality packaging and material. We were sent this product for testing and review.
  144. House of 7 Gables Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Take a look at The House of 7 Gables jigsaw puzzle. This is the Halloween version by Eric Dowdle. There is even a link to the actual story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  145. Jigsaw Puzzle Shaped Cookies 
    Jigsaw puzzle shaped cookies make a unique gift idea at especially at Christmas time. Make some with this delicious Shortbread cookie recipe.
  146. Jigsaw Puzzle Company Links 
    Here is an ongoing jigsaw puzzle company links page that will be updated as time permits. Contact us with updates or changes please.
  147. Jigsaw Puzzle Blog Links 
    The links on this page lists a variety of jigsaw puzzle blogs. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  148. Jigsaw Puzzle Themed Websites 
    I have listed all the jigsaw puzzles themed websites that are only for individual hobbyists on this page. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  149. Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles Links 
    The links on this page lists a variety of vintage jigsaw puzzle links. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  150. Artist Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists Artist’s websites that licence their work for jigsaw puzzle manufacturing. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added
  151. Photographer Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists Photographer’s websites that licence their work for jigsaw puzzle manufacturing. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  152. Designer Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists Designer’s websites that produce their own jigsaw puzzle products. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  153. Digital Creators Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists Digital Creator’s websites that produce their own jigsaw puzzle products. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  154. For Sale Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists websites that have jigsaw puzzles or related products for sale that is not commercial. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  155. eBay Jigsaw Puzzle links 
    The links on this page lists eBay Stores that have jigsaw puzzles or related products for sale that is not commercial. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  156. Facebook Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists Facebook Pages that have jigsaw puzzles or related products for sale that is not commercial. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  157. Amazon Store Jigsaw Puzzle Links 
    The links on this page lists Amazon Stores that have jigsaw puzzles or related products for sale that is not commercial. Please report a broken link or send us the link you would like added.
  158. Solar System 
    Sunsout 20” x 27” 1000 pieces I’ve done and liked other random cut puzzles, this was my first from Sunsout. I would label it EXTREME random! More than
  159. Paris in a Day 
    Brand: EeBoo Size: 21” x 28” Pieces: 1000 I turned 75 in October and just recently decided I needed a new hobby. Started with a Cobble Hill 500 piece
  160. Starship 
    Self-produced by White Mountain Puzzle Manufacturer. 18x24, 550 pieces.
  161. Sugar Skull Cookies Puzzle 
    The Sugar Skull Cookies puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company sure is a delightful and colourful pleasure to assemble.
  162. Halloween Cookies Puzzle 
    The Halloween Cookies puzzle had the image created by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. At 350 pieces, the Family size cut is in small, medium and large pieces.
  163. Tropical Cookies Puzzle 
    Here's a very colourful Tropical Cookies Puzzle by Cobble Hill at 1000 pieces. Perfect quality and a delight to assemble.
  164. Country Diary Quilt puzzle 
    This Country Diary Quilt puzzle is a 1000 piece Cobble Hill puzzle. Great for those who enjoy an extra challenge.
  165. Earth Puzzle 
    The Elements Earth Puzzle is one of four in a Series by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It also includes Water, Fire and Air.
  166. Water Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Water jigsaw puzzle is one of four in a Cobble Hill Puzzle Company series titled Elements. There is Water, Fire, Air and Earth.
  167. Air Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Air jigsaw puzzle is one of the four Element puzzles in a Series by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It is created by Artist, Shelley Davies.
  168. Fire Puzzle - Elements 
    This Fire puzzle is part of the four Elements Series and is created by Shelley Davies. The size is 26.6x19. 25" at 1000 pieces.
  169. Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle, 2000 pieces created by Shelley Davies and produced by Cobble Hills Puzzle Company is the quickest puzzle of this size I have ever done.
  170. Diary of an Edwardian Lady - Winter Puzzle 
    Diary of an Edwardian Lady Winter puzzle is produced by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It is a series of the four Seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.
  171. Diary Spring puzzle 
    Diary Spring puzzle is known as the Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company which is one of four in a series.
  172. Diary of an Edwardian Lady - Summer Puzzle 
    Diary of an Edwardian Lady - Summer puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. This is a series of four, 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.
  173. Diary of an Edwardian Lady - Autumn Puzzle 
    Diary of an Edwardian Lady Autumn puzzle is produced by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It's a series of the four Seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.
  174. Jigsaw Puzzles Products 
    Shop our Amazon Storefront for jigsaw puzzles, books, trays, lights, scoops, boards and jigsaw puzzle accessories.
  175. Jigsaw Puzzle Parley 
    Attend the Jigsaw Puzzle Parley in the USA. Read more details here.
  176. Holiday Candy Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Holiday Candy Jigsaw Puzzle is 500 pieces made by Cobble Hill and the completed puzzle measures 24" x 18" which is created by Artist Andrea Mistretta.
  177. Bouquet Puzzle 
    This Galison Bouquet puzzle looks terrific once assembled. Don't bother trying do to the border. It will come together in the end.
  178. Fireworks Symphony Puzzle 
    This is a big beautiful Fireworks Symphony Puzzle by Cra-Z-Art. It's 1500 pieces with 5 color codes on the back.
  179. I Love Canada Puzzle 
    This, I Love Canada Puzzle from White Mountain by Charlie Girard is a terrific 24" x 30", 1000 piece experience. Loads to enjoy here.
  180. Greetings From Canada Puzzle 
    This Greetings From Canada Puzzle by Cobble Hills is a collage type image that captures features in each province of Canada.
  181. Horned Owl Puzzle 
    The Great Horned Owl Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 piece beautiful image of a real Great Horned Owl Mama and her baby.
  182. Globetrotters Puzzle 
    This is a 2000 piece, Eurographics Globetrotters Puzzle that tours over 80 places around the world. It is a huge collage.
  183. Peanuts Christmas Puzzle 
    This Peanuts Christmas puzzle is by Galison a 1000 piece, 20x27" pieces and has been on my wish list for several years!
  184. Teatime Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill Teatime puzzle was a perfect puzzling experience. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed drinking tea while assembling it!
  185. Sweet Christmas Puzzle 
    The Sweet Christmas puzzle by Eurographics is 1000 pieces of pure delicious bliss and quite enjoyable to assemble!
  186. Rooster Mini Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Here is the JaCaRou Rooster Mini Jigsaw Puzzle which is 150 pieces and 4"x6". It went faster than I first thought it would and it is a really cool quick-fix!
  187. Christmas Stories Puzzle 
    The Christmas Stories Puzzle by Eurographics is a perfect Christmas puzzle for Families with 300 pieces that are extra large.
  188. North Pole Puzzle 
    Everything's Up To Date At The North Pole puzzle is a 1983 Springbok by John Overmyer in 500 pieces at 20.5x27".
  189. Hill of a Lot of Snowmen Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Hill of a Lot of Snowmen Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company at 500 pieces which makes a terrific family puzzle.
  190. Ready for Christmas Puzzle 
    The Ready for Christmas Puzzle is a Eurographic, 1000 piece and a delightful image which is perfect for the season.
  191. Holiday Cats Puzzle 
    The Holiday Cats Puzzle is a Eurographics, 1000 piece and perfect for the Christmas season.
  192. Vintage Typewriter Puzzle 
    The Vintage Typewriter puzzle is a 750 piece shaped image by Galison. The random shaped pieces make for an interesting yet doable experience.
  193. Winter Patchwork Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Winter Patchwork jigsaw puzzle is a Bits and Pieces with 1000 random cut pieces. It has a lot of darkness but was too tricky.
  194. Christmas Ornaments Puzzle 
    Christmas Ornaments Puzzle by Bit and Pieces is a set of 6 usable Christmas Ornaments in a kit with glue and frames.
  195. Christmas House Puzzle 
    Christmas House Puzzle by White Mountain has been on my wish list for sometime and now it is even more special to me as it was sent to me by a Puzzle Fairy!
  196. Ashkeri Trick Treat Puzzle 
    The Ashkerri Trick or Treat Puzzle is produced by Ashkeri and artist Keri Baker. It is a 1000 piece, 20" by 28" which is a bit of a trickster yet a delightful treat when completed.
  197. Cat Library Puzzle 
    The Cat Library Puzzle is created by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It's 1000 pieces and the size is 19.25" x 26.625″. It also comes highly recommended.
  198. Halloween Pets Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Halloween Pets Jigsaw Puzzle by Eurographics at 1000 pieces is a perfect puzzle experience that is highly recommended for the Halloween season.
  199. Balloons, Tiger and NYC 14" Round Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Balloons, Tiger and NYC 14" Round Jigsaw Puzzles from LPF are really quick 350 pieces and good clear images.
  200. Scoops n Shakes Puzzle 
    Scoops n Shakes Puzzle is a CraZart, 500 piece delicious looking few hours of fun. The pieces are thin but makes for a great quick-fix!
  201. MT Blanc France Puzzle 
    The MT Blanc France puzzle is a vintage TUCO brand with triple thickness pieces and unfortunately overused and smelly.
  202. Common Quilt Blocks Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hills Common Quilt Blocks puzzle is 1000 pieces and the size is 19.25" x 26.625″. It's nice and colourful.
  203. I Love USA Puzzle 
    I Love USA puzzle is by CraZart at 500 pieces, measuring 18.5" x 11". It was a very fast and fun assembly too!
  204. Horse Show Puzzle 
    The Horse Show Puzzle was a super fun, shaped, 500 piece quick fix by Bits and Pieces and looks terrific.
  205. Frog Business Puzzle 
    The Frog Business puzzle was assembled by my daughter as her first adult puzzle so it was interesting to get her opinion.
  206. Four Seasons Puzzle 
    Recommended, the Four Seasons Puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzles, Artist: Janet Stever, at 2000 Pieces, size: 26.625" x 39.25".
  207. Matilda Puzzle 
    The Matilda puzzle by Cobble Hills is 500 pieces with a poster included and the size is 19.25" x 26.625".
  208. Superdome Sunday Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This jigsaw puzzle image is as busy as the Superdome Sunday however is also has all the trimmings for a great Springbok!
  209. Lures Puzzle 
    Springbok's Lures puzzles captured these vintage fishing lures which looks excellent when piecing this jigsaw puzzle together.
  210. Tiki Time Puzzle 
    The Tiki Time Puzzle from Hennessy is a 1000 piece by Artist, Linda Tillman. It's very colourful, delightful and great quality.
  211. Cool Cats Puzzle 
    This Cool Cats puzzle is by Galison. At 1000 pieces the size is 27" x 20". The artist is Carolyn Gavin and every bit delightful.
  212. Love Bug Puzzle 
    The Love Bug puzzle by Gearheads reminds me of the Bug vehicle in my childhood. It's a 500 piece and a tad tricky.
  213. Hennessy World Map Puzzle 
    Here is the Hennessy World Map Puzzle at 1000 pieces and measuring 19.25 x 26.75". It's quite an enjoyable map with great quality.
  214. Easter Bunnies Puzzle 
    Here's an Easter Bunnies Puzzle for the whole family to enjoy. It's a Cobble Hill Company puzzle that's sure to bring Spring!
  215. Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Cardinal's, Mums Guest House jigsaw puzzle is by Artist Cheryl Bartley. It's 500 piece, 18"x 24", a box lid easel and sealable bag.
  216. Harbour Sunset Puzzle 
    The American Harbour Sunset Puzzle is by Cardinal Puzzles, at 1000 pieces, measuring 20x27" and the artist is Dominic Davison.
  217. Tropical Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Ravensburger Tropical Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle is a 500 piece image of a beautiful beach. Read more here.
  218. Wildfire Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Can you see the hidden wolf in this Wildfire jigsaw puzzle? I was surprised this one went well. Click here to read more.
  219. Forest Enchantment Puzzle 
    The Forest Enchantment puzzle is 300 extra large size pieces and great quality for this brand and has large size pieces.
  220. Flip Flops jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Paperhouse Mixed Flip Flops jigsaw puzzle is perfect for the summer months because it is short, sweet and has cool whimsies.
  221. Desserts Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Another theme of that's fun to do is desserts jigsaw puzzles. They are usually very colourful and alluring.
  222. eeBoo Desserts Jigsaw Puzzle 
    At 1008 pieces, the eeBoo Desserts jigsaw puzzle is terrific for family entertainment. For more details read the review here.
  223. Blue Flowers Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Blue Flowers jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hills was just as delightful as the Pink Flowers.
  224. Buffalo Splash of Coca Cola Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Buffalo Splash of Coca Cola jigsaw puzzle was whipped up in just over an hour. Not to mention delightful.
  225. Hennessy Retro Space Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Hennessy Retro Space jigsaw puzzle is quite the adventure into space with many little colorful details. Check out the review here.
  226. Under New Ownership Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Under New Ownership Jigsaw Puzzle by Ken Zylla captures the true essence of it's title. The image is great but the concrete is tricky but well worth the extra effort.
  227. Truce Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Truce Jigsaw Puzzle is by Clementoni and not only is the image super sweet, the quality and fit is top rated.
  228. Devons Cove Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Jigsaw Puzzle Factory sent Devons Cove jigsaw puzzle for review. It's a 1000 piece by Henry Petersen and approx. 20x27".
  229. Disney Pixar Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Ravensburger Disney Pixar jigsaw puzzle had quite the loose cut for the pieces which is rare for this brand.
  230. Pyramid Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Pyramid jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger is made of good quality plastic pieces. Read more here.
  231. Easter Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Easter Egg Jigsaw Puzzles - Celebrate the Season with Fun and Colorful Designs. Enjoy Quality Time with Your Loved Ones!
  232. Chorus Line Jigsaw Puzzle 
    I was extremely happy with the Pastimes Chorus Line jigsaw puzzle. It had 50 whimsies with in it making it delightful to complete.
  233. Sun Splash Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Sun Splash jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company is painted by Sue Westin. The image quality is good for paint brush strokes.
  234. Ceramica Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill, 1000 piece, Ceramica jigsaw puzzle is new for 2018 and not as tricky as it looks with the dark color blends. To see details and close up photos click here.
  235. Picket Fence Party Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Picket Fence Party jigsaw puzzle is 275 pieces, measuring in at 18”x24”, by artist, Jane Maday and sold by Cobble Hill Puzzles. It has extra large pieces.
  236. Hummingbird Magic Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Hummingbird Magic Jigsaw Puzzle by Rosiland Solomon is 500 pieces, size 26.626" x 19.25" with a poster and sold by Cobble Hill Puzzles.
  237. Humming Bird Puzzle 
    Here is a Buffalo Humming Bird puzzle by Steve Read in 1000 pieces and the size is 26.75" x 19.75". It's one of the Vivid collections.
  238. eeBoo Cats at Work Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Get your paws on eeBoo's Cats at Work puzzle. 1000 pieces of feline fun to keep you entertained.
  239. Cats At Work Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The eeBoo Cats At Work jigsaw puzzle has top quality pieces with an extra nice finish on the back.
  240. Pink Flowers Jigsaw Puzzle 
    If you buy the Pink Flowers jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company be prepared to look forward to the Blue Flowers next.
  241. Lazy Creek Puzzle 
    This Lazy Creek puzzle by Springbok, was assembled in July for the Christmas in July promo.
  242. Pony Tales Shaped Puzzle 
    The 550 piece Pony Tales shaped puzzle was actually trickier than it appears so certainly doable for adults.
  243. Presenting Blue Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Presenting Blue jigsaw puzzle was sold back in 2000. Springbok produced a paint can family size, 400 piece Jigsaw Puzzle.
  244. Overlook Cafe Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Wrebbit Perfalock, titled Overlook Cafe II by Sung Kim has foam backed pieces and is extremely light. Read the review.
  245. Busy Bloom Jigsaw Puzzle 
    There's something different about this Springbok Busy Bloom jigsaw puzzle that I have never seen before. It was slightly distracting.
  246. Penguin Plunge Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This is a Springbok 500 piece titled Penguin Plunge jigsaw puzzle which was quite testy but all the pieces were there!
  247. Artists Desk Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Ravensburger, the Artists Desk Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000 piece by Aimee Stewart and a perfect puzzle experience.
  248. Puppy Love Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Puppy Love Jigsaw Puzzle is 350 pieces by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It has Family Pieces so there are large to small pieces for children and adults.
  249. Canned Veggies Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Springbok Canned Veggies jigsaw puzzles is the perfect quick fix. Read my review for all the good points.
  250. Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Love the Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle. The Confections jigsaw puzzle Series makes a lovely one with bonus love stationery set included.
  251. Higasa Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Eurographics Higasa jigsaw puzzle is a theme I find very attractive as will many others. The quality is terrific too.
  252. Garden Friends Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle is part of the Cat and Dog collection of images created by artist Giordano. Also 100% biodegradable.
  253. Dog Quotes Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill Dog Quotes jigsaw puzzle is cute and funny. The 1000 random cut, mat finish pieces are good quality.
  254. Wolf Chickadees Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This very lovely Wolf Chickadees jigsaw puzzle is painted by artist Daniel Renn Pierce and is poster like at 16" x 34".
  255. Gold Finch Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This little quick fix Springbok Gold Finch jigsaw puzzle is perfect for this time of year because it catches nature's finest colours.
  256. Wild Birds Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill Wild Birds jigsaw puzzle is very appealing to the eyes when completed. How many birds have you seen?
  257. Coast To Coast Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The PZL3616 Springbok Coast To Coast Jigsaw Puzzle is listed as 1985 sharing the Twin Tower for the Eastside.
  258. Winter In The Mountains Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Getting back to the traditional landscape jigsaw puzzles, the FX Schimd company has captured the beauty of winter in the mountains.
  259. Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The 500 piece Buttons jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger has the makings of a perfect experience. It's short, sweet and a delight.
  260. Summer Birdhouse Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Summer Birdhouse jigsaw puzzle from Cobble Hill Puzzle Company is quite colourful and a delightful image to enjoy assembling.
  261. Bengal Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The photograph on this Bengal Tigers jigsaw puzzle has one very clear Bengal Tiger and one not so clear.
  262. Tiger Jigsaw Puzzles 
    There are 2 Springbok tiger jigsaw puzzles here. The Tiger Tiger Burning Bright and Sitting Pretty came in the same box.
  263. Classic Archie Jigsaw Puzzles 
    The Classic Archie jigsaw puzzles are a Series of four by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. I will be doing all four.
  264. Archie Jigsaw Puzzles 
    I have completed the 4 Archie jigsaw puzzles series that are from Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. There are 2-1000's and 2-500's.
  265. Song Birds Puzzle 
    The Song Birds puzzle came from the Jigsaw Puzzle Factory which is a new division and brand. They sent it for a review and I love it.
  266. Fireworks Puzzlebug Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Fireworks Puzzlebug jigsaw puzzle sure was tricky to work but it looks terrific when assembled.
  267. Butterfly Kingdom Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Butterfly Kingdom jigsaw puzzle was sent for review from Bone Owl puzzles in Canada. It's approximately 20" x 27", 1000 pieces. Read the review click here.
  268. Black Bear Brook Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Check out this Black Bear Brook jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. Do you have a Black Bears in your neighbourhood?
  269. Knitting Circle Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Presenting the Knitting Circle jigsaw puzzle by Lori Schory and Sunsout. It's a 26" round, 1000 piece with the makings of an addictive, delightful experience.
  270. Doors Jigsaw Puzzles 
    The Panoramic Colourful Doors Jigsaw Puzzles is definitely colorful, long and fun but the pieces are of low quality.
  271. John Padlo Self Produced Jigsaw Puzzle 
    John Padlo used Kickstarter to produce his own artwork into a jigsaw puzzle. Here's proof it worked for him.
  272. Potting Shed Puzzle 
    Grandpa's Potting Shed puzzle is a 2000 piece Buffalo Games but don't let the size of 38.5 x 26.5 inches discourage you.
  273. Cruisin Classics Jigsaw Puzzle 
    It's a 36" x 11.25" shaped Thunderbird Cruisin Classics jigsaw puzzle by Lewis T. Johnson with over 500 pieces. Read the review here.
  274. Pottery Jars Puzzle 
    The Pottery Jars puzzle was sent by Cardinal Puzzles in return for a review placed on their Facebook page. Well worth it.
  275. Hometown Christmas Puzzle 
    The Hometown Christmas puzzle is a delightful activity for families during the Holiday season.
  276. Britto Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Britto Jigsaw Puzzle For The Two of Us was sealed and missing two pieces. After a very challenging experience it was disappointing.
  277. Cake Pops Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Eurographics Cake Pops Jigsaw Puzzle sure is a delightful 1000 pieces. There is also a mini puzzle included with it!
  278. Classic Cars Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Classic Cars jigsaw puzzle is a very attractive image but be prepared to spend some time doing the tricky bush and green areas.
  279. Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cadbury gift jigsaw puzzle has all the elements and makings of the perfect idea for that special someone on your list.
  280. Gee Bee Airplane Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Airplanes are not too common in jigsaw puzzle hobby collections. See my review on the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company titled Gee Bee Over New England.
  281. The Village tree Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Village Tree jigsaw puzzle is by Cobble Hill and artist Persis Clayton Weirs. I put it on my wall every Chirstmas for decor.
  282. Village Tree Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Village Tree Jigsaw Puzzle is such a pretty Christmas activity scene by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It's 1000 pieces, measuring 26.6x19.25" and by artist Persis Clayton Weirs. There's close up photos in the review.
  283. Wings Of Eagle Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Look at this "On The Wings Of An Eagle' Jigsaw Puzzle by FX Schmid. It's over 3 feet in wing span and only 500 pieces. To see the hidden images inside the picture, Click Here.
  284. Bread Butter Farm Puzzle 
    This Bread Butter Farm puzzle, which is part of the Charles Wysocki Americana jigsaw puzzle series is a perfect Fall scene.
  285. Steam Train Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Steam Train jigsaw puzzle is a photograph of a steam train which is one of the four different images of 500 pieces used in the Sure-lox 10 pack.
  286. The Princess and the Frog Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Princess and the Frog Jigsaw Puzzle by Mega puzzles has a unique tin container with latch and 150 pieces. Read the review here.
  287. Persian White Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Look at this Persian White jigsaw puzzle by the Great American Puzzle Factory. For 750 pieces in semi random cut it was purchased for 50 cents.
  288. Mid Century Modern Puzzle 
    The Mid Century Modern Puzzle has a unique style of images and the random cut is helpful but not extreme.
  289. Wildlife Circular Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Woodland Wildlife circular jigsaw puzzle is one of the best wildlife scenes I have seen thanks to Mother nature.
  290. Ceaco Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzle 
    I wanted to see for myself how well this Ceaco Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzle would work. Read my review here.
  291. Dowdle Banff Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Dowdle Banff jigsaw puzzle image is very close to where I live and have visited more than once. Dowdle quality is great.
  292. I Spy Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Can you figure out the riddle for this I-Spy jigsaw puzzle? Titled Under the Tree, this puzzle is for ages 7 and up?
  293. Best Friends Puzzle 
    This Best Friends Puzzle by Bits and Pieces puzzle company is a 300 piece, shaped image by Jack Williams who is a terrific artist.
  294. Mountain Thunder Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill Puzzle Company Mountain Thunder is quite challenging to complete. It appears to be grainy making it tricky.
  295. 3D World Globe Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Add the 3D Spherical World Globe to your jigsaw puzzle hobby. It is made by Buffalo Games, at 530 pieces and 9.5 inches in height. Read my review here.
  296. Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle 
    The Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle image is very impressive. The dark colors makes it perfect for puzzlers who enjoy challenges.
  297. Cool Friends Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cool Friends Jigsaw Puzzle is an Authentic Springbok, 2000 piece, 34x42.5", #XZL9600 dating back to 1997. And it's a biggy but a real treat to do.
  298. Springbok Coke Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Springbok Coke jigsaw puzzle titled Decades of Tradition coke is a top of the line experience.
  299. Mickey Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Mickey Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle is from the Disney store at 500 pieces. This was found at the Thrift Store for 50 cents and the quality is really good. There are more details and photos in the review.
  300. Christmas Balls Jigsaw Puzzle 
    It's a Christmas Balls Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company in 500 pieces at 26.6x19.25" and beautiful image when completed. There are more details and lovely photos in the article.
  301. Christmas Keepsake Puzzle 
    The Christmas Keepsake puzzle is a Springbok, 500 pieces, measuring 18x23.5" showing No. XZL3443 which is photo styled by Kim Warner and photographed by Steve Wilson.
  302. Smurfs Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Cobble Hill Smurfs jigsaw puzzle looks fantastic, was a good challenge with a tricky border but totally fun!
  303. Flower Patches Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Flower Patches Jigsaw Puzzle is available from a new company called Puzzle So Hard. The overall quality is great!
  304. Standout Falling Stars Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Tis the season for a Standout Falling Stars Jigsaw Puzzle. Immerse into the silent night of snow falling onto the rooftops.
  305. Elvis Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Master Pieces jigsaw puzzles presents Legends of the Silver Screen starring Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munroe.
  306. Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle 
    It's a Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle titled The Zodiac at 1000 pieces in great quality and color. Terrific artwork in the details. To see close up images read the review here.
  307. Dowdle Calgary Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Eric Dowdle painted the Calgary Jigsaw Puzzle about the Stampede event that Alberta Canada is famous.
  308. White Christmas Puzzle 
    The White Christmas puzzle is a 500 piece Springbok which I reviewed during their Christmas in July event.
  309. Yuletide Ride Jigsaw Puzzle 
    A review is ready for the Yuletide Ride jigsaw puzzle by Springbok. Sadly there is a missing piece but well worth the 50 cents paid.
  310. Gingerbread House Puzzle 
    This is a Gingerbread house puzzle. It has very notable characters painted into it such as Marilyn Munroe.
  311. Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Nutcracker jigsaw puzzle is created by Anie Maltais of JaCaRou puzzles, at 1000 pieces and measuring 27.5"x20".
  312. Give Your Heart Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Look At Christmas Give Your Heart Jigsaw Puzzle for several cute cut whimsies. This Ceaco is a 1994, 16x20", 500 piece ultra thick pieces.
  313. Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle by Victor McLindon is a 1000 piece, 38.5x13.5" by WHSmith in Limited Edition Panoramic puzzle which includes a foil finish.
  314. Santa Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Santa Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle is a 150 piece, 30x21cm or 12.2 x 8.2", Marks and Spencer puzzle with 20 discrepancies which is also made in Poland.
  315. Santas Toy Shop Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Santas Toy Shop jigsaw puzzle is from the UK at 1000 pieces, measuring 27.5 x 20" (70x50cm). The Artwork shows signed by Simon Treadwell.
  316. Peace on Earth jigsaw puzzle 
    The Peace On Earth jigsaw puzzle sends a strong message during the holiday season and comes highly recommended as beautiful decor.
  317. Anie Maltais 
    Anie Maltais is an Artist who created her images into the jigsaw puzzle format and started her own small business titled JaCaRou Puzzles.
  318. Aquarius Diamond Dots Paintings 
    Here is the Aquarius Diamond Dots Paintings by JaCaRou. I have done 4 of these do this product come highly recommended with great quality.
  319. Linda Richard 
    Meet Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist Linda Richard. This page takes an indepth look at her diversity and passion for this activity.
  320. Puzzle Hobbyist Vee Petersen 
    Did you see a jigsaw puzzle online that is on your ‘must-have’ list? Not sure how you could get it from there to you? Check with Vee Petersen for her expert advice.
  321. Amalia Koslowski Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist 
    Amalia Koslowski is a jigsaw puzzle hobbyist since 2008 and averaging 275 puzzle per year. She also has a Royal Vintage collection.
  322. Kids Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Kids jigsaw puzzles are most often used during the Christmas holidays when there is plenty of time to play with them.
  323. Kids 3D Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Check out this cute little Christmas kids 3D jigsaw puzzle. For a real low price your child can put the pieces together then insert the separate pieces into slots.
  324. Pintoo Vase Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Pintoo Vase jigsaw puzzle is a combination that uses both ideas. The vase comes with a container inside to add water to your flowers.
  325. 3D Lantern Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Have you seen the 3D lantern jigsaw puzzle at Pintoo? I was gifted one all the way from Vietnam. They really work.
  326. Horses in the Wind Puzzle 
    Horses in the Wind puzzle is one of my favourite images because it's round and I love horses.
  327. Jigsaw Puzzles An Illustrated History and Price Guide 
    This Jigsaw Puzzles Price Guide is another book by Anne D. Williams. The title is; Jigsaw Puzzles - An Illustrated History and Price Guide.
  328. Butchart Gardens Jigsaw Puzzle 
    There are so many beautiful images of flowers for jigsaw puzzles. The Butchart Gardens is used for this purpose too.
  329. Christie Smith 
    Sunsouts, 1,000 pieces, Red Hat Cats, Bryan Moon. A very fun and somewhat challenging puzzle.
  330. World Map Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Eurographic 2000 pieces world map jigsaw puzzle was extremely challenging. The quality control did not help but customer service did.
  331. Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery 
    This butterfly jigsaw puzzle was on my wish list for many years. It is a 1000 piece Buffalo brand.
  332. Christmas Cat eBook 
    The Christmas Cat eBook is available for immediate download. Buy it now.
  333. Wentworth Christmas Puzzle 
    This Wentworth Christmas puzzle is titled “He Looked Like A Peddler” by Ruth Sanderson. It’s a wooden Wentworth with unique whimsy pieces.
  334. Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Mandalas jigsaw puzzle are in black and white and then colour it in with your choice of colour patterns. Be mindful of the type of colour tool you use.
  335. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 11 
    Check out this page to see 40320 Piece Memorable Disney Moments completely assembled!
  336. GDPR Change My Information 
    GDPR change information
  337. Krypt 654 Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Ravensburger Krypt 654 jigsaw puzzle pieces looks very challenging yet many puzzlers can assemble it in a timely manner.
  338. Triptych Wellness Puzzle 
    I gave my daughter the Ravensburger Triptych Wellness puzzle for her birthday. We added our own frame to it. Details are shared in the post.
  339. Cloudberries Jigsaw Puzzles are Available in Canada 
    Cloudberries Jigsaw Puzzles are now available in Canada at Amazon so if you have Prime it will also be free shipping!
  340. Parkside View 
    Galison, 1000 pieces, 27” x 20” Framed behind plexiglass, no glue or tape, puzzle had pick up tight fit and can become a puzzle again!
  341. A Christmas Story 
    Based on the movie A Christmas Story from 1983. 300 pieces.
  342. Cobble Hill Family puzzles 
    Cobble Hill Family puzzles has a great variety of these multi-sized family pieces in seasonal images.
  343. Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 
    This is a collection of Springbok jigsaw puzzles with reviews gathered into one gallery. Makes for a great resource. Please add yours using the form.
  344. Jigsaw Puzzle Books 
    This is a list of the current and past Jigsaw Puzzle Books that are available on Amazon.
  345. Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Newsletter 
    Sign up here for the Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Newsletter to stay updated on events, Give-Away notifications, discounts, Group topics and more.
  346. Christmas Tree Quilt 
    Lucky for me the Christmas Tree Quilt is 275 pieces as it was a bit of a trickster but totally doable fun!
  347. Kittens by the Dozen 
    These Kittens by the Dozen are actually 12 mini puzzles by Bits and Pieces jigsaw puzzles. They really were quite delightful. The review shows all 12 individual kittens.
  348. Virtual Puzzle Diary 
    Special thanks to Roberta for sharing her virtual puzzle diary with us. She sure has accomplished a lot of puzzles in a very short time!
  349. Lego Grand Piano 
    This Lego Grand Piano is 3,662 pieces. It comes in 21 sections that measures 8.5" by 12"x 13.5" deep when closed.
  350. Springs Embrace puzzle 
    This Springs Embrace puzzle by Cobble Hill is 500 pieces. It is quite pretty with little wildlife surfacing in the forest.
  351. Spring Gossip Puzzle 
    The Spring Gossip puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company has captured all the essence of Spring enjoyment!
  352. Candy Shelf Puzzle 
    Love this review about the Cobble Hill Candy Shelf puzzle provided by our Guest writer Roberta.
  353. Mini Desserts Puzzle 
    By CraZart, here is the Mini Desserts Puzzle at 500 pieces and 12 different delightful desserts. The 12 mini puzzles are mixed together.
  354. Marie Eva Puzzles 
    Marie Eva Puzzles is a place to trade, buy and swap jigsaw puzzles through Facebook.
  355. 18 Mini Butterflies Puzzle 
    Here is the 18 Mini Butterflies Puzzle at 500 pieces with colour coded backs. Even includes glue by CraZart.
  356. Washington-DC-Mall-puzzle 
    This Washington DC Mall puzzle is a review submitted by Roberta Shore. Here she discover Eric Dowdle and states she will purchase more.
  357. Fruits and Flutterbies Puzzle 
    The Fruits and Flutterbies Puzzle by Barbara Behr is 1000 pieces but still took 12 hours due to the green leaves.
  358. Apple Pie Kitchen Cobble Hill 
    Check out one of Cobble Hill's new puzzles, Apple Pie Kitchen 500 pieces.
  359. Country Truck in Spring 
    The Country Truck in Spring is a 500 piece Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle with great quality pieces.
  360. Quilted Kittens Puzzle 
    The Quilted Kittens Puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company is a delightful 500 piece Spring image with lovely pastel quilt colours.
  361. Barn Quilts Puzzle 
    The Barn Quilts puzzle is a 1000-piece, Grateful House brand that is quite colourful.
  362. 12 Days Of Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 
    I did the 12 Days of Christmas jigsaw puzzle by Springbok with Artist Lynn Bywaters. The images clearly depicts the song.
  363. Snowman Delight Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Check out the Springbok Snowman Delight jigsaw puzzle. It will make an excellent Christmas decor on your wall.
  364. Stereogram 3D Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Try the magic trick of a Stereogram 3D Christmas jigsaw puzzle titled Merry Olde Santa. Just look at it like you are looking at a mirror not in a mirror.
  365. Floretine 
    Cassia Lancaster Springbok 1972 Florentine Mosaic - 500+ pieces Whoo hoo lovely little puzzle - was such a challenge: acted and took as long as most
  366. Robert Bateman Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Canadian Artist Robert Bateman jigsaw puzzles are some of the best wild animal images I have seen.
  367. Rainbow Seashells Puzzle 
    This Rainbow Seashells Puzzle by Galison is 2000 pieces that measures 38.6" x 29.5". It sure had some tricky areas too.
  368. Carole Gordon Jigsaw Puzzles 
    The Carole Gordon jigsaw puzzles are photos that have been licensed by several big name jigsaw puzzle companies. Her talents focus on colourful collages that are totally eye-catching.
  369. M. C. Escher Metamorphose 
    Dutch Artist M. C. Escher created this woodcut print between November 1939 and March 1940 and it is now becoming a very 'hard to find' collectible.
  370. Paul Palnik Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Artist Paul Palnik creates outstanding cartoon work that also presents challenging jigsaw puzzles for the hobbyist. Have you tried one?
  371. Antonia Sobral Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Antonia Sobral is an amazing artist who designs, engineers and cuts intricate jigsaw puzzles. Her projects are nothing short of stunning.
  372. Puzzle Hobby Tracker 
    The Puzzle Hobby Tracker is a workbook data file to record your assembled jigsaw puzzles. You can record your puzzle Monthly or on the Master Sheet.
  373. Socks and Kittens 
    Approx. 1000 Pieces, Size: 35 x 26, Artist: Christopher Nick & Lori Schory, by SunsOut
  374. Country Bells 
    Sunsout, 27x31, 750 pieces, Artist Lori Schory
  375. #1 Bird Village . 
    # 1 Ravensburger, 1,000 pieces, 27 X 20 Artist: Lori Schory
  376. Christmas Angels Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Sunsout Christmas Angels Jigsaw Puzzle is huge! I like to use it as a Christmas decoration on the wall every year.
  377. Gingerbread House Puzzle 
    The Gingerbread House puzzle by Bits and Pieces is 300 large format pieces creating an approximate 25x25 inch shaped image.
  378. Toy Factory Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Toy Factory Jigsaw Puzzle is the most beautiful Christmas jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen. It a Piatnik, 1000 pieces created by Y. Kanda.
  379. Village Wreath Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Village Wreath Jigsaw Puzzle by Bits and Pieces is 750 pieces, measures 25"x24.5". I bought new because this shaped puzzle was on my wish list.
  380. Christmas on the Farm Puzzle 
    The Christmas on the Farm Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company at 1000 pieces, measuring 26.625 x 19.25" and the image is by Greg & Company, LLC.
  381. Christmas Train Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Christmas Train Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company Family Series which means the pieces are cut in small to large sizes, working large pieces at one side to smal
  382. Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle 
    I customized The Christmas Cat jigsaw puzzle. It's a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and measures 20" x 26" at medium quality.
  383. Woolly Mittens Puzzle 
    The Woolly Mittens puzzle is a Family-cut puzzle meaning that it has the pieces cut into 3 different sizes. It's also a Hallmark Christmas theme.
  384. Donuts Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Yummy, the Donuts jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill is every bit delightful as it look. It's 1000 pieces at 9.25" x 26.626".
  385. Cupcakes Puzzle 
    YUMMY! The Cupcakes Puzzle is just as delightful as it looks. Cobble Hill Puzzles has a winner here as it was perfect.
  386. Winters Beauty Puzzle 
    This Winters Beauty by Cobble Hill Puzzles is 500 pieces and for those who enjoy a challenge.
  387. Cobble Hill Dog Gallery Puzzle Review 
    Check out this Dog Gallery Puzzle written by our Guest Writer, Stacey and sponsored by Cobble Hill Puzzles.
  388. Backgammon Jigsaw Puzzle 
    It's an Authentic Springbok Backgammon jigsaw puzzle titled Jigsaw-gammon. All the game pieces are available.
  389. Springbok Jello Jigsaw Puzzle 
    My review for the Springbok Jello jigsaw puzzle titled, There's Always Room For Jello, is a delicious, colorful, random cut, super fun experience.
  390. Avian Friends Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Avian Friends jigsaw puzzle image speaks for itself. The quality is great and it's dellightful to assemble.
  391. Rather Be Reading Puzzle 
    This, I'd Rather Be Reading Puzzle by Galison is 1000 pieces of delightful joy which was completed in 7 hours!
  392. Canadian Aviation Puzzle 
    This History of Canadian Aviation Puzzle was so addictive that I forgot to take work in progress photos!
  393. Sweet Valentines Puzzle 
    The Sweet Valentines Puzzle by Eurographics has many very tasty and delicious looking treats to eat and a pleasure to assemble.
  394. Monopoly Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Wrebbit Monopoly jigsaw puzzle is a fully functional board game too. Take a look at these photos to see how real it is.
  395. Fender Guitar Puzzle 
    Seems like the Fender Guitar puzzle by Paperhouse is no longer available but here is one located at the Thrift Store for $2.00.
  396. Vintage Library Puzzle 
    The Vintage Library Puzzle by Phat Dog and sold at Galison puzzle have foil on some of the book binding :)
  397. Eggs in Frames Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The JaCaRou, Eggs in Frames jigsaw puzzle is one of the first productions by Anie Maltais and reviewed by us.The quality is great.
  398. Sunsout Wolf Song Jigsaw Puzzle 
    If you like a challenge then the Sunsout Wolf Song jigsaw puzzle will be a good choice for you.
  399. Valentine Stamps Puzzle 
    This Bits and Pieces Valentine Stamps puzzle has been on my wish list for years and I got it for my birthday this year!
  400. Cobble Hill Puzzles 
    Here is a list of Cobble Hill puzzles that have links to in depth reviews and plenty of close up photos.
  401. Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Ceaco 10 Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzles are the best ones I have seen so far. I have seen and heard about others that are not so good.
  402. Red Chev Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Red Chev jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic image that is clear, colorful and very attractive. The pieces are thin on these Puzzlebugs.
  403. Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Eric Dowdle jigsaw puzzles are very popular among puzzlers and quite detailed with unique images.
  404. 52 Pickup Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This 52 Pickup Jigsaw Puzzle was produced by Ceaco in 1999. It's 500 pieces and a shaped puzzle and measures 23.5"x17.5".
  405. Cobble Hill 2018 Puzzles 
    Here's 3 new Cobble Hill Company 2018 jigsaw puzzles I just received for review. There's a new look to the boxes too.
  406. Letter L Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Are you looking for a personal touch for the jigsaw puzzle enthusiast in your life? It doesn’t get any more personal than letters in their name. Check this out.
  407. Wentworth Zebra Stallion and Mare Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This Wentworth Zebra Stallion and Mare Jigsaw Puzzle is 200 pieces of wood cut in random shapes and looks terrific when completed.
  408. Home Sweet Home Puzzle 
    This Home Sweet Home puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company is tricky on the take off but addictive once the pieces get moving.
  409. Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Tetris jigsaw puzzle has been on my wish list for years! Turns out I waited long enough to locate it at the local Thrift store $3.00.
  410. Krypt Jigsaw Puzzle 
    How about adding the Ravensburger Krypt jigsaw puzzle to your hobby collection. Read all about how we put this one together.
  411. Night Messenger 
    Finished Size: 19.25 x 26.625 Artist: © Anne Stokes Size: 1000 pieces Here at last is the Night Messenger, as I have never done a Cobble Hill puzzle before
  412. Dowdle What A Wonderful World Puzzle 
    Dowdle, What A Wonderful World puzzle has become a 60k piece, 60 day challenge for AddictedToPuzzles social media influencer.
  413. Milk Tooth Puzzle 
    This Milk Tooth puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. She says it is easy and the is her first in the Zozoville series.
  414. The Price is Right Puzzle 
    The Price is Right puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. Not only was it colourful and fun, it was also easy.
  415. Ulla Von Brandenburg puzzle 
    The Ulla Von Brandenburg puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. It sure is a beauty but it has it's challenges too.
  416. 2022-Advent-Calendar-Puzzle 
    This year the 2022 Advent Calendar Puzzle for Christmas is going to be a Cat Theme. Starting December 1 to the 24th, each day we will post one 50 pieces puzzle.
  417. Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 
    Missing jigsaw puzzle pieces are very common since the beginning of creating this hobby. I have some thoughts on this topic.
  418. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Video 
    Watch this Christmas jigsaw puzzle video with very nice Christmas music. Submit your own to be included in the video.
  419. Jigsaw Puzzle Journal 
    Here's a Jigsaw Puzzle Journal for you to record your puzzles experiences, take notes about different puzzles or just general journalling.
  420. Puzzle Tips Tricks Topics 
    This page is filled with ongoing Puzzle Tips Tricks Topics. Check back often for updates.
  421. Valentines Day Puzzles 
    See our Valentines Day Puzzles and Gifts posts for some of the latest and greatest available items.
  422. Together We Can Puzzle 
    The Together We Can puzzle is a Werkshoppe puzzle that I picked for review and I am very pleased with their product.
  423. Santa Has Arrived Puzzle 
    This Santa Has Arrived Puzzle is an early Christmas gift sent to me from Wentworth Puzzles to help them celebrate Christmas early.
  424. Bicycles Puzzle 
    The Bicycles Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces and shares the lyrics of the hit song by Queen along the border.
  425. Dusty Plains Puzzle 
    Now this Dusty Plains puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company has so few elements to deal with that it really isn't that difficult! I have to admit that I enjoyed it.
  426. New Puzzle Hobby Website 
    We have started a new Puzzle Hobby website with a new Facebook page to help promote the website.
  427. How Jigsaw Puzzles May Help the Left and Right Brain 
    How can jigsaw puzzles help the Left and Right sides of our Brain? Lately research is indicating us to use jigsaw puzzles to increase our mental health and wellness.
  428. Reading Hobby List 
    Looking for a digital file to record an inventory of your books? Read all about the features in the Reading Hobby List.
  429. Jigsaw Puzzle Lights 
    Need some suggestions on the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps? We have some suggestions for lights to use.
  430. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table 
    Looking for an idea to build a wooden table for your jigsaw puzzle hobby? Shawn Wolf shares his instructions and photos right here.
  431. Cher Finver Puzzler 
    Cher Finver contacted us to share her story of discovering jigsaw puzzles during the pandemic and some really awesome puzzles.
  432. Puzzle-Lab-Company 
    The Puzzle Lab Company is situated in Victoria, Britsh Columbia, Canada. They have some of the most gorgeous wood cut puzzles.
  433. MAGNUM OPUS puzzle 
    The MAGNUM OPUS puzzle is hand created and cut by Jill Walterbach. It holds A Guinness World Record. It's a must see!
  434. Puzzle Pal Choice Awards 
    Check out the results of the 2nd Annual Puzzle Pal Choice Awards here and how you can prepare for next year.
  435. Puzzle Warehouse Company 
    We have reviewed the Puzzle Warehouse Company online shopping experience and onsite store shopping. The results are in this article.
  436. Peggy Davis Artist 
    Peggy Davis is an Artist that has entered into the jigsaw puzzle industry with her winning images. Check out our article.
  437. Monica Marlett Instagramer 
    Monica Marlett shares her Instagram experiences and the jigsaw puzzles she has assembled on Puzzled About Everything.
  438. Werkshoppe Puzzle Company 
    Here is an email interview with the Werkshoppe Puzzle Company. The business has upscaled very quickly with their choice of images.
  439. Peanuts Charlie Brown Snoopy Puzzles 
    Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Snoopy puzzles. This is a feature page filled with a variety of vintage-to-date Peanuts jigsaw puzzles.
  440. Rose Cat Khan - Artist 
    This Artist, Rose Cat Khan, creates some very creative and colourful images and shares some of her process in this article.
  441. Nook Gallery Puzzles 
    The Joyful Nook Gallery Puzzles Company carries a wonderful array of customized jigsaw puzzles that are unseen elsewhere.
  442. Tammi Parnell Puzzler 
    Tammi Parnell is a Cobble Hill V.I.P. Puzzler who assembles and reviews jigsaw puzzles for the Company which she shares on Facebook.
  443. Store Display Jigsaw Puzzles 
    There's store display jigsaw puzzles at the Antiques and Collectables in Heritage Park, Calgary, AB, Canada. It's a fantastic place to visit.
  444. Puzzle Canopy 
    Klodya Tremblay is also known as Puzzle Canopy on Instagram. We have an email interview with Q & A's.
  445. Tips To Take Jigsaw Puzzle Photos 
    Here are some tips for taking photos of your jigsaw puzzles. Use the best jigsaw puzzle lights but watch for glare.
  446. Mintyfizz Puzzles 
    Mintyfizz Puzzles are bright, colourful, high quality, original artwork created by the Owner Kelly Poff.
  447. Puzzle Tracking Tools 
    This page holds a list of puzzle tracking tools for your jigsaw puzzle collection. Please check them to see which tool works best for your needs.
  448. Power of the Puzzle 
    The Power of the Puzzle reveals what the effect of jigsaw puzzling can have on us. Here's one woman's story.
  449. Sizzling Summer puzzles 
    This page will list our Sizzling Summer puzzles which will share a variety of different brands and styles related to Summer images.
  450. Puzzle With Mom 
    Do you Puzzle with Mom? Here's one Mother and Daughter story of how they puzzle together.
  451. Earth 3D Puzzle 
    The Earth 3D Puzzle is a Ravensburger with 540 pieces and its size is 8.7” or 22cm that also sits in a stand. Pretty cool!
  452. The Puzzle Barn 
    The Puzzle Barn is an actual puzzle AND a barn with puzzles inside the people swap puzzles in Boston, New York.
  453. M and M Jigsaw Puzzle 
    This M and M jigsaw puzzle is for puzzlers who have loads of patience and time. I quit this puzzle before it was finished.
  454. Cat-jigsaw-puzzles 
    This Puzzler has about 3800 Cat jigsaw puzzles in her collection. Read about it here along with a few cat puzzle reviews.
  455. Grateful House Puzzles 
    The Grateful House puzzles have always maintained top quality jigsaw puzzles and puzzle products along with terrific customer service .
  456. Greg Giordano Puzzles 
    Reviews on Greg Giordano Puzzles that have been assembled over the time from the Puzzle Hobby Collection.
  457. Earth Fire Air Water Puzzles 
    The Element Series consists of the Earth, Fire, Air, Water puzzles sold by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company and come in 1000 pieces each.
  458. jigsaw-puzzle-Price-Guide 
  459. Jigsaw Puzzle Business 
    If your are interested in starting a jigsaw puzzle business then this book by Kevin Poorman will help you make that decision.
  460. Color Me Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Try Color-Me jigsaw puzzles if you enjoy coloring as a hobby too. These make excellent gifts. A frame really enhances them too.
  461. Diary of an Edwardian Lady Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Diary of an Edwardian Lady produced by Cobble Hill Company Jigsaw Puzzles is a series of the four Seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Take a look here.
  462. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments 40320 Piece Puzzle 
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed!
  463. My Assembly of Memorable Disney Moments Part 2 
    Cinderella was the second of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  464. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 3 
    Dumbo was the third of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  465. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 4 
    Peter Pan was the fourth of ten sections assembled of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  466. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 5 
    The Jungle Book was the fifth of ten sections assembled of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  467. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 6 
    The Little Mermaid was the sixth of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  468. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 7 
    Fantasia was the seventh of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  469. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 8 
    The Lion King was the eighth of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  470. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 9 
    Beauty and the Beast was the ninth of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  471. My Assembly Of Memorable Disney Moments Part 10 
    Bambi was the last of ten sections completed of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. Check out this page to see the section both in progress and completed.
  472. Royal Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles 
    Have you ever seen a Royal vintage jigsaw puzzle? I have discovered Amalia Koslowski's collection that includes an image of the Queen in the 1950’s.
  473. Peanuts Multi Shaped puzzle 
    Peanuts Multi Shaped puzzle
  474. Flying Ace Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Snoopy in the Flying Ace jigsaw puzzle is 300 pieces but not made for children under 14 years.
  475. Charlie Brown Christmas Puzzle 
    This Charlie Brown Christmas puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Blogger, Judithlynn who can only say great things about it.
  476. Bluejays Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Bluejays jigsaw puzzle by Kevin Daniel is titled Touch of Blue. Nature has been captured at her best on this lovely Thrift store find.
  477. Solstice Floral Jigsaw Puzzle 
    The Solstice Floral jigsaw puzzle by Springbok is another complete Thrift Store find for $1.00 and it has it challenges . To read the review click here.
  478. Parisian Flower puzzle 
    The Parisian Flower puzzle is a Cobble Hill Company puzzle with Artist Barbara Behr and 1000 pieces. It is also visually seen as the Cobble Hill Flower Shop.
  479. Cats Playing Poker Puzzle 
    The Cats Playing Poker puzzle is produced by Grateful House puzzles at 1000 pieces and artwork by Julie Pace Hoff.
  480. Welcome Back Puzzle 
    This Welcome Back puzzle is a limited edition by Grateful House puzzles. It's 1000 pieces and comes with an extra large poster.
  481. Cozy-Fireplace-puzzle 
    This Cozy Fireplace puzzle is by Cobble Hill at 1000 pieces. Usually Christmas trees are difficult but this one went well.
  482. Flower Truck Puzzle 
    Loved assembling this Flower truck puzzle. It's a 1000 piece, Cobble Hill by artist Greg Giordano. The flowers were trickier than the truck.
  483. Happy Henhouse Puzzle 
    This Happy Henhouse Puzzle from Cobble Hill by Greg Giordano has become quite popular among puzzlers. It's 1000 pieces with Hens and roosters that look real!
  484. Lakeshore puzzle 
    This Lakeshore puzzle by Cobble Hill and artist Greg Giordano has a few tricky areas but certainly doable. The image is very relaxing.
  485. Sewing Room Puzzle 
    This Sewing Room Puzzle by Cobble Hills is very colourful. What could be better than a sewing room with kittens playing.

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